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Jun 21, 2019

"Body Benefits"- Learn important health advantages of these Yoga Poses!

Human beings are mental, physical and spiritual beings who need to balance these factors. Yoga provides a solution for this as it strengthens the body, mind, and soul and keeps it at peace. It unites the three and plays a vital role in our lives by providing various health benefits as well! Here are some yoga asanas or poses and how they play a role in improving our health:

Vrksasna or Tree Pose:

The tree pose may look very easy- but it isn't. While executing it, the back should be erect and aligned and the weight must be balanced equally. Not only does this aasan help you to improve your balance, but it also strengthens the vertebral column, thighs, calves, and ankles.

source credit: Pro Tips

Natarajasna or King Dancer Pose:

The 'Natarajasana' is a graceful asana which requires flexibility and balance to execute. It not only improves the balance of your body but also your core-strength, leg-strength and focus and concentration. Furthermore, it also increases flexibility in your shoulders, spine, and hamstrings.

source credit: Youtube

Savasana or Corpse Pose:

This pose may seem unimportant and easy, but the truth is far from it. This is one of the most vital asanas to practice. It rejuvenates and relaxes your mind, body, and soul. Furthermore, it also helps you to connect with your inner-self. Other benefits include lowering of blood pressure and calming of the brain.

source credit: Finess Yoga

Pincha Mayurasana or Arm Balance Pose:

This is an advanced pose that requires practice and precision. It may be difficult- but the benefits make it worth the effort. This pose helps with the blood flow and circulation in your body. Furthermore, it also strengthens various body parts like- arms, shoulders and the human back. Another added benefit is that it calms the mind and your thoughts.

source credit: World Peace Yoga School

Sukhasana or Easy Pose:

An easy pose, you have to simply sit in a certain cross-legged way to execute it. But, as predicted, the benefits are plenty. This asana opens your hips and calms them. It also proves to ease menstrual pain in women. Furthermore, it lowers anxiety and is extremely useful for meditation.

source credit: Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga provides a means to control your mind and body and improves immunity. Furthermore, it promotes a healthy lifestyle. With numerous health benefits, the exercise of the body and mental peace, Yoga is something everyone must include in their daily schedules.

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