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Jan 2, 2011

Kelly Monaco's Diet and Exercise Tips: Maintaining the Same Weight For Years

Kelly Monaco is an American model, actress, reality television contestant and champion of the Season 1 Dancing with the Stars. She played in 2003 as Sam McCall on the General Hospital. This 34-year-old actress has kept her weight steady for life and lost just 8 pounds while she was dancing like a pro on Stars. Let’s find out how this 5 feet 3 inch actress maintains her and weight and her awesome physique

The famous vegetarian diet is Kelly Monaco’s diet regimen that clearly doesn’t allow the intake of any meat but cheese as well as dairy products are allowed. Most of the individuals or celebrities who follow such diet have moral issues regarding the intake of any meat plus saw the benefits of eliminating meat from their diet. Kelly Monaco’s diet regimen allows her to maintain her weight as long as she doesn’t consume much dairy products or cheese. Furthermore, Kelly shared that she likes eating a lot of tofu, mixing it with greens, nuts and strawberries.

On the other hand, Kelly Monaco’s exercise routine involves hitting the gym everyday for two hours specifically when she did “Dancing with the Stars”. She focuses on doing 30 minutes of cardio exercise, another 30 minutes in doing light weights, and still 30 minutes of doing sit-ups. She is said to do about a thousand sit-ups every day. Furthermore, included in Kelly Monaco’s exercise routine are rollerblading, lifting light weights, hiking, and dancing.

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