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Jul 12, 2011

Six Pack Abs Exercises – Sports Edition

When it comes to getting the six pack abs you’ve always wanted, we here at TFLA try to give you as many exercise options as possible. The same old crunches and leg lifts can only take you so far before boredom sets in. Today, we’ve come up with a few sports that, when done correctly, are the perfect six pack abs exercises.
Michael Phelps_six pack abs exercises
{Killer abs like these require a lot of work and loads of laps!}
Keep reading to find out which sport will help you get the six pack abs that’ll make others green with envy!


Forget what you think you know about yoga and keep an open mind because yoga is a great six pack abs exercise that helps give you a strong core. The static poses and focus on bodyweight exercises and breathing helps give you a solid foundation to begin giving your abs a hardcore six pack abs workout!
Six pack abs exercises like mountain tilts and the triangle pose are great yoga exercises that strengthen the core and abdominals. Even if you feel that yoga is too calm and relaxing for an effective six pack abs exercise; give it a try. If you don’t love it, there are dozens of other sports you can do for six pack abs!


Skiing is a great activity that gives your abs a good workout. Specifically cross-country skiing is a great cardio exercise, but it also an amazing six pack abs exercise. The up and down motions made by your arms and twisting torso strengthen your abdominal muscles as you work to made yourself glide over the snow.
Cross country skiing is a great full body workout as well because the cardio aspect burns hundreds of calories per hour. Don’t take my word for it though; see how sore your abs feel after a day of cross country skiing as your six pack abs exercises.


Water seems to provide an ideal environment for six pack abs exercises. Everyone is well aware how effective swimming is for strengthening abdominal muscles, but other water sports like rowing and kayaking have proven highly effective six pack abs exercises.
The rotation of the abs in kayaking provides plenty of exercise for toning the obliques, which is an important part of six pack abs exercises. The power required to paddle a kayak strengthens abs as well as core strength.
Rowing requires your body to perform different motions, but rowing is another activity that helps you achieve six pack abs. Rowing tightens abdominal muscles and strengthens the core by performing a constant rowing motion. Machines at your local gym, called rowing machines, are an effective alternative for six pack abs exercises.


One look at David Beckham and there can be no doubt that playing soccer will suffice for six pack abs exercises. Besides all the running that soccer involves (futbol for my non-American friends!), heading a ball and quick changes of directions are all signs of a powerful core and well-sculpted six pack abs.
ahmadinejad_soccer_six pack abs exercises
{He doesn’t believe a lot of factual things, but he does believe that soccer is a great six pack abs exercise!}
Running and kicking simultaneously while changing the direction of the ball gives you six pack abs exercises that’ll leave you sore in the morning. Even recreational soccer players like you and I can get a good round of six pack abs exercises by participating in a game of soccer.


Whether you like to run at a moderate pace or sprint like the wind, these are both incredibly effective methods of performing six pack abs exercises. The pumping motion of the arms during running or sprinting works the oblique muscles while the bending motion of the hips works the lower abdominals and core.
Running or sprinting is a superb form of cardio exercise that has the added benefit of burning and strengthening your core. When you don’t have time to alternate between strength training and cardio workouts, choose a long run or an effective sprint to get six pack abs exercises and a full cardio workout!
These are just a few sports that can help you achieve six pack abs. Alternate between traditional abdominal exercises and six pack abs exercises and activities for a well-rounded abdominal workout. Don’t forget the importance of a healthy & well-balanced diet to achieving six pack abs.

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