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Jul 12, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Get a Beach Body

Everyone is trying to get in great shape for summer, but many people are intimidated by the idea of trying to get a great beach body. Either they think they just don’t have the genetics for it, or they haven’t had success with it in the past. But getting a beach body doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you follow the right steps, it can even be relatively easy! 
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Here are 5 easy ways to get a beach body:
1. Sprint. Many people like to go on long distance runs before the summer – but the truth is that sprinting is far more beneficial for getting a beach body. First, it tightens up your lower body. And secondly, sprinting has been shown to increase the fat burning capabilities of your body more (for the time invested) then running. Try working your way to doing 8 sprints with 30 second breaks in between at the beach.
2. Cut out carbs a month before beach-time. There are tons of overly complicated diets out there, but how about something simple to do right before beach time. Just cut out most of your carbs (bread, potatoes, etc.). Sure, it’s not the easiest thing on this list, but just doing it a month before beach time will make you look amazing at the beach.
3. Swim. Have you ever seen a professional swimmer that doesn't look good? Swimming is great for getting that super lean look, with visible abs and muscle definition without getting too big (for men or women.) It also helps encourage you to control your eating, since nothing makes you watch your weight like knowing you’ll often be in a bathing suit!
Another interesting thing about swimming is that you can control the kind of workout you do, depending the day. Varying between high intensity and low intensity is a great way to switch up your workout. One day you can have a long, slow, relaxing swim and the next workout you have you can swim as hard as you can with intervals.
If you’re not a great swimmer – don’t worry about it, it’s even better! People who aren’t good swimmers end up needing to use more muscle to swim, so not only will you become a better swimmer – but you’ll also get in even greater shape faster.
4. Take up a physical hobby. Karate, soccer, or whatever – it doesn’t matter. Taking up a physical hobby is a great way to get in shape. Not only will the physical activity help you, but you’ll be encouraged to workout outside of it to keep in shape and help improve yourself at it. I see people working out all the time to increase their athleticism – and it helps you get more excited about the results you see than just getting a beach body.
Another great thing about taking up a physical hobby is that if you decide to do competition, you’ll naturally start working out to increase your skills. People who are passionate about competing try to stay in shape year round to be at their peak, so it’s a great way for you to have another excuse to stay in shape.
5. Work out with your partner. Working out with your partner helps both of you stay motivated and focused on getting a beach body. Try doing sit ups on an exercise ball for your core, and throwing a football or any kind of ball when you complete the sit up. It helps increase your coordination and is an excellent core workout.
You can also try helping each other complete exercises like pullups by pushing each other up to complete the exercise, and help encourage each other. Running together is also another fun activity you can do with each other. If you can find a nice running trail to run together on – even better!
Also, hiking is a great way to keep in shape with your partner. Chances are there are beautiful hiking locations near where you live that you’ve never seen before. Now is a great chance to visit all of the close locations twice a week and get some good hikes in. Not only is it a great way to get in shape, but it’s a lot of fun as well! 

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Geoffrey Lelia said...

Ah, just one of the many frustrations that we could have is when we aren't comfortable in our swimwear when we hit the beach. We become instantly conscious at the sight of our excess flabs. But thanks to these workout ideas and diet tips, getting fitter shouldn't be difficult at all. This is especially true for people who are just about to cut down on their weight and for people who'd like to maintain their new shape after undergoing a body-contouring procedure.