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Jul 12, 2011

Push Up Stands: Mans Best Friend or Wussy Way Out?

When the subject is push ups most guys have 2 different mindsets:
  1. Real men do push ups on the floor…with their knuckles!…or
  2. Push up stands are a viable option to maintain proper push up form.
[Watch a real man do lots of push ups and gain almost no ya see?]
Ok, so maybe not all ‘real men’ do push ups on their knuckles but you get my drift. In this article we’ll discuss the merits of push up stands and see if there are any disadvantages to using them.

Why Push Up Stands?

Push up stands have proven useful for a variety of reasons, most commonly because they are a great way to perform upper body exercises when recovering from injury. Wrist or elbow injuries make doing traditional push ups difficult and painful, so rather than not exercise plenty of physically fit people take help from push up stands to get the job done.
Push up stands are also helpful for those new to exercise. Push up stands help maintain proper push up form to make sure your muscles are getting the maximum workout each time you lower your body. Beginners often make form mistakes that can lead to injuries, and using push up stands can reduce that problem. Push up stands also work well for ladies in need of an upper body workout, even when doing the ‘girl push up’ push up stands help maintain proper form.
So far, looks like the “real men” are losing to the real men who understand workout and sports-related injuries!

Using Push Up Stands

Even if you don’t have injuries or problems with your push up form, push up stands are easy to use. Just like traditional push ups, push up stands allow you to tighten or widen your grip to work out different muscle groups. Certain commercial push up stands swivel to alleviate even more pressure from the wrists. Push up stands provide for an effective workout the same way traditional push ups do, except with a bit more stability.
Whether you perform push ups on your knees or toes, push up stands are a helpful way to complete your upper body workout.


In this age of expensive workout equipment and even more expensive diet products, it’s refreshing to see that push up stands are still reasonably priced. The smart shopper can easily find half a dozen push up stands under $20. The cost of your push up stands will be determined by your push up needs. The good news is that the way push up stands are packaged makes them easy to test in the store before you buy.
[Push up stands can help you accomplish many upper body goals.]
When compared to costly weightlifting equipment, push up stands give you an equally effective workout at a fraction of the cost. Besides, using your body weight is just as—if not more effective—than using weights.

Push Up Stands—Yay or Nay?

Definitely yay. Push up stands are an effective workout tool that inexpensive and allows you to complete an upper body workout when and where you can. In addition, push up stands allow you to remain slightly active when an injury has sidelined you.
The point of working your arms, chest, shoulders and core is so they can be tight and fit. You can do 1,000 push ups but if the form isn’t correct then your muscles won’t receive much benefit. Using a push up stand allows you to make sure each push up is done with proper form. When those wrists are trembling from your weight underneath you, it’s easier to focus your mind on keeping your back straight and your butt low.
Below are just a few exercises you can do with push up stands!
The truth is that push up stands and traditional push ups are both effective ways to achieve an upper body workout. Choose which method is best for you and add it to your exercise regimen. Alternate days using push up stands and then not using them to see which gives you the best workout.

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