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Jul 14, 2011

Fun and Fat Burning Circuit Workouts

Circuit workouts are a great way to complete a fast paced and effective workout.
You will never be bored and you’ll be sweating and panting the whole time, and it’s so fun you’ll also have a smile on your face.
Exercising on the Beach by National Media Museum.
[Making your exercise fun is one of the greatest way to keep yourself motivated. These guys probably didn't know what circuit workouts were, but they knew how to make their workout interesting!]
Keep reading to learn about circuit workouts to keep your exercise fun…
First of all, what exactly is a circuit workout?
Circuit workouts are strategic exercise regimens that have timed intervals of different types of exercises usually in a set pattern.
For example, to start with a cardio move focusing on the legs, a strength move for the legs, and an abdominal move.
A popular circuit method is the 3,2,1 method. It begins with 3 minutes of cardio to get your heart pumping. Then you do 2 minutes of strength moves followed by one minute of abdominal toning.
Why Should You Try Circuit Workouts?
Like I said from the get go, circuit workouts are never boring. The constant change of pace and mental engagement in the circuit helps you to stay focused and get in a variety of moves.
Circuit workouts are meant to be done in a quick pace, without rest between intervals. This helps you jack up your heart rate and get a good fat burning throughout the entire workout.
This type of workout is good for people who are time pressed (who isn’t?) and for people who like variety. It can be a helpful tool to get you out of the workout rut.
Day 35/365 by SuperFantastic.
Are you so bored with your workouts you want to stick your head in the toilet?
Also, circuit training can be done just about anywhere. There is no need for equipment. Although if you are trying to bulk up, circuit training can be done with heavy weights.
If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy long cardio sessions, circuit training is for you. Through a fast paced, strategically planned circuit session, you can lean up and burn fat without all that running, AND you can lose fat without losing muscle.
Sound like something you would be interested in?
Do you want to try it out?
One of the Best Full Body Circuit Workouts
Here is a circuit you can implement to see how fun and challenging a circuit workout can be:
Start with a 5 minute warm-up.
1. 1 minute of burpess with toe taps
2. 30 seconds of high knees
3. 1 minute of squats with front kicks
4. 30 seconds of mountain climbers
Repeat 1-4 again.
5. 1 minute of walking plank
6. 30 seconds of lunge jumps
7. 1 minute of leg raises
8. 30 seconds of 180 jumps
Repeat 5-8 again.
9. 30 seconds of twisting v-sits
10. 30 seconds of bicycle
11. 30 seconds of reverse crunch
12. 30 seconds of 100′s
Repeat 9-12 again.
Cool down with a 5 minute stretch.
This workout takes only 18 minutes to complete but gets you a good whole body toning and fat burning workout that is fun and challenging.
Doesn’t this sound better than an hour long jog down the same streets everyday?
There are an endless list of things you can add to your circuit workout. You can change things up to make it more plyometric or easier on the joints. You can make your circuit workouts with more strength intensity or with more cardio.
Circuit training is a very versatile and flexible workout plan that will get results.

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