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Jul 14, 2011

Glute Exercises To Give You A Bounceable Boo-Taaay

Good glute exercises can be hard to find and are much sought after. Everyone wants the perfect butt, what can you say?
I’ve caught a few women checking out my butt and I’ve done my fare share of checking out women’s butts. It is just naturally a point of interest for the opposite sex.  So let’s not deny it, its nearly a global pastime.
Face the curtain... by Tripod Ape.
[My favorite is the one on the left. She most definitely has nicely shaped her butt with great glute exercises. Not a dimple to be seen!]
To achieve your best butt through glute exercises keep reading…
The is one important truth about the glutes that will greatly increase your ability to get a tight derriere.
That simple truth is that the butt area is the number two area, following closely behind the stomach, that gets fat deposits. So, fat loss is a crucial part of having an admirable behind.
Before I get into the target glute exercises, I wanted to mention some cardio that is also great for working the glutes.
That way you can increase your productivity level by getting your cardio and your toning in one session.
Top Cardio Glute Exercises
The very best workout that will burn major calories and get rid of the cellulite is to run uphill. This is a tough exercise, depending on the incline, so pace yourself!
Another great exercise that will get your heart pumping is roller blading. The great thing about roller blading is that it doesn’t feel much like exercising until you stop, and then you feel it, and boy do you.
And, last but not least, a great pastime that will get you out in the great outdoors and relieve some stress while shaping your glutes is hiking. Of course, hills and obstacles will make it a better workout. Try a trail that is still very woodsy, no pavement sissies!
Glute: An entire magazine about the butt by blue_j.
Glute exercises are in such a high demand that a whole magazine is dedicated to them!
Toning Glute Exercises
There are three moves that will guarantee you a better butt in a month.
Here we go:
1.The Bent + Straight Leg with a Kick-In
After about 20 of these you’ll be feeling a burn on all sides of your thighs and butt.
To start, get down on all fours and lift one leg up bent at the knee like in the first picture. Kick it up toward the ceiling in a slow, controlled motion and move directly to a straight leg, like in the second picture.
Keeping the leg extended, kick it up again toward the ceiling and move straight back to the bent leg but this time bring your heel in to your butt.
Repeat these three movements for a desired amount of reps and relish the results.
Bent leg donkey kicks glutes exercise.
bent leg lifts
Straight leg donkey kicks glutes exercise.
straight leg lifts
2.The Step Up Sumo Squat
For this you need a bench, or step. I want you to step up with one leg, do not place the other foot to the bench. Step down wide and do a sumo squat, which is just like a regular squat but wider and with your toes pointing out. Your butt should go straight down, not behind you.
Keep stepping and sumo squatting for at least 2 minutes.
3. Walking Lunge with a one legged Deadlift and Squat
This last one is brutal but be consistent throughout your workout to get the best results. Only do as many as you can without sacrificing form. You won’t be getting any benefits with sloppy exercises and you want to reduce the risk of injury.
To start, simply walk lunge three times. One the forward foot do a one legged deadlift followed by a one legged squat. Repeat from the beginning with the opposite leg. Keep that cycle going.
Diet is also very important for your glutes. Don’t underestimate the power of food to get your butt exactly where you want it

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