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Jul 14, 2011

Creative Push Up Workouts to Give You Better Results

The push up: an evergreen workout move that has been used for centuries and will always be used as a great upper body workout, however, does it not get repetitive after awhile?
many push ups by 100PushUps.
[Basic push ups done over and over really make me want to gag! These guys aren't having any fun and that just isn't fair!]
Okay, maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, but…
To learn a new and exciting push up workout, keep reading…
Push up workouts are a staple of the history of exercise. The military uses push ups, every sports team uses push ups, and any joe at home does push up on the living room floor.
Push ups are an effective way to increase your upper body strength, but after awhile they get boring and actually lose their effectiveness if you’ve increase your ability to do them with ease.
What to do?
Switch things up by doing push up workouts with push up variations. Making small changes to the way you do your push ups will give you a challenge and keep things interesting.
You will also be able to see more of a definition in your chest and arms because of these changes.
push ups by 100PushUps.
Are traditional push ups child's play to you?
When you perform a certain move in your daily workout, your body gets used to it. It uses less strength and burns less calories, the better you get at them. All you need is the slightest change of position or increase in intensity to make your push ups harder to complete.
If you can bust out more than 50 push ups without batting an eye, its time to try one of these different push up workouts:
Plyometric push up:
This is done like a regular push up only instead of just pushing up slowly, you push up explosively, so explosive that you push your whole body in the air and your hands leave the floor. Land carefully back into regular push up position and repeat.
One handed push up:
This is exactly how it sounds. You may need to balance better by moving your legs farther apart or putting one knee on the floor.
T push up:
Perform a traditional push up but when you come back up, rotate your body and point one hand up to the ceiling. Return that hand back to the floor and perform another push up. This time, rotate your body to the opposite side and point the other hand up to the ceiling.
Diamond push up:
For these push ups the challenge is in the placement of the hands. Put your thumbs and forefingers together to form a diamond on the floor. Now do your push up workouts. If you notice, your triceps are getting worked much more in this variation and that helps get rid of under arm flab.
One legged push up:
The same as a traditional push up but with one leg up in the air. It is harder than it sounds.
Decline push up:
Place your feet on a bench or an exercise ball behind you and get into push up position. This elevation of the feet will place more weight on your upper body making these killer push up workouts.
See any that pique your interest? Why not mix and match. You’ll feel the difference right away and you’ll see the difference in your upper body strength in not too long.

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