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Jun 12, 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio Weight Loss

Alessandra Ambrosio weight loss
Having a curvaceous body is a must when your work entails modeling lingerie and strutting on runways clad in skimpy swimsuits.  Thus, the sultry Victoria’s Secret vixen, Alessandra Ambrosio, had to undergo a strict fitness regimen and a healthy weight loss program to get back her full, firm and toned body fit to walk the runway again and with a time frame of four months, to boot, after giving birth to her baby girl.
To lose weight fast, healthy and effectively, she has to follow a healthy diet and weight loss regimen. For starters, she employed the services of personal fitness trainer, Leandro Carvalho and had to stick to a cardio exercise programs comprised of regular two-hour workouts (which she had to do everyday for four days) with lots of climbing and walking, resistance fitness training with ankle weights, Capoeira routine, and later on the Brazilian Buttlift (which include some heavy aerobic exercise and hardcore squats and lunges). And on top of these, she also does yoga exercise daily. Undergoing all these painful exercises had been fun, according to this supermodel, as she was doing it with a fellow Victoria’s Secret model, Heidi Klum, who had given birth herself.
For her healthy weight loss diet, this 5-feet 9-inches, 28 year-old head turner had to say bitter goodbyes to second helpings of beef stroganoff and a daily dose of her favorite Haagen Dazs ice cream, had to switch to brown rice for a healthier alternative and a healthier dose of carbohydrates, and kept herself full by eating small portions of food which were mainly consists of salads and greens. She also had to veer far away from sugar and bread as far as she can.
All of Alessandra’s hard work paid off when she lost 20 pounds and was back to the runway glam in a span of four months.

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