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Apr 17, 2011

Try The Digital Diet In Time For Summer

With the summer not being too far away now, it may be a good idea to start thinking about getting into shape. And to coincide with that NHS choices have come up with a initiative to help you on your journey. Full details of which are below.
NHS Choices, the national website for the NHS, invites you to join their Get Fit for Summer campaign.
Using online tools such as Facebook, NHS Choices will be helping you define and stick to your health and fitness goals in time for summer.
A recent survey conducted by NHS Choices found that people need motivation from those closest to them to stick to their diet and fitness plans. Support from friends, family, partners and even work colleagues is vital for anyone trying to live more healthily.
A third of participants also said that after an initial burst of encouragement and support, they gained weight or experienced ‘fitness fatigue’ because their friends weren’t able to provide ongoing motivation. To make it easier for people to support each other in getting fit for summer, NHS Choices will create dedicated Facebook groups around the four topics of losing weight, eating better, getting fit or training for a 5k run.
Users will be able to join the groups to swap tips and get encouragement from their online networks. They can also share their health goals with Facebook friends through a dedicated status update tool available through the Healthy Living Facebook page.
Participants can join groups and sign up for e-mail support across four challenges – losing weight, eating better, getting fit or training for a 5k run. Andy Stevenson from Lincoln recently completed the Couch25k pack, using social networking to boost his morale and motivate others.
One of his posts read: “In just six weeks I’ve gone from worrying about being able to keep up a jog for 60 seconds to looking forward to 25 minutes of it without a break. I can’t begin to describe how good that feels.”

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