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Apr 17, 2011

Will Eating A Big Breakfast Help With Weight Loss?

Have you ever heard the saying eat breakfast like a king? And is it necessarily the best thing to do when you’re trying to lose weight.
It is believed that, if you have a large breakfast, then you are far likely to eat fewer calories throughout the day.
Or is that necessarily the case, some researchers in Germany think otherwise. They put together a study which looked into whether or not it makes a difference.
The researchers had two groups. The first group had 280 obese people. The second group had 100 normal weight people.
They were told to keep logs of what they ate over a two-week period, and were told how important it was to log every single thing that they ate. The reason being is when people do keep food logs.
Some people don’t tend to record everything that they eat, which can lead to inconsistencies. The researchers found that if they ate a big breakfast. All it did was add to the calories that they ate throughout the day and didn’t reduce the amount that they ate this study was published in Nutrition Journal.
They found that the foods that were most responsible for variations on what they ate calorie wise were eggs, bread, yogurt, cheese, sausages butter and marmalade. So the conclusion of this is it’s better to eat less, at breakfast. Rather than more, if you are trying to instigate a weight loss regime.
What is everybody else’s take on this do you eat a big breakfast or a small breakfast, and does it affect what you wait throughout the day? Or do you not eat breakfast at all. Like some people, I myself do tend to, but that’s just me. Some people skip breakfast altogether, are you one of those?

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