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Apr 17, 2011

Blueberries Crowned Superfood in Weight Loss Battle

Is something that looks. So sweet and innocent really capable of achieving so much. So why is this then scientists are now saying to people that they should start snacking on blueberries, mainly because of their ability to remove fat cells from your body.
And you might be surprised when you hear the actual amount that they can remove, in fact I would say very. They can remove up to three quarters of it.
The researchers found that they will break down your existing fat and stop the production of more fat cells, which are exactly the sort of thing you need in your weight loss battle. Make no mistake, this innocent looking fruit packs a powerful punch. When it comes to obliterating body fat.
They have been long known for their health properties, which can prevent heart disease, type two diabetes. They contain high levels of certain substances, which act as a very good antioxidant mopping up free radicals.
Tests revealed that the polyphenols contained within the blueberries will cut your body fat by wait for it by 73 percent. That is with eating quite a large amount, and if you eat a small amount it’s 27 percent, which still isn’t bad. When you consider what you are actually doing.
The researchers used rats for their research. They wanted to see what would happen if the rats were fed the blueberry mixture, and how it would affect their bodies. If they were already overweight, the results which were put together in the USA at the American Society for Nutrition, and concluded that when the rats were fed the blueberries, they lost three quarters of fat, which equates to 73 percent and the lower amount which was 23 percent. One of the scientists who were involved with the study findings said it did show some hope to people.
They reiterated the fact that these particular amounts needed to be tested on human subjects. Just to see if there was any kind of adverse reactions that people may have.
Even though these tests were conducted on rats. This does show great promise for this particular fruit, despite the fact of what has been found in this study. They are still great, for your health. So there is no particular reason why no one should eat them, unless they have some kind of allergic reaction to them.
Yet another piece of greater research revolving around fruit yet again. I am so glad that I have started to up the amount of fruit that I am eating. It just reinforces to me, what has just been written here.

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