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Apr 17, 2011

30 Minute Fat Burning Exercises

Having a calorie controlled diet and exercise are the two most single important things when it comes to losing weight. And also if you are able to work your muscles harder the better the results will be as regards burning fat, this doesn’t mean to say that you need to exercise like crazy because that will have the opposite effect.
All the exercises that are described below are quite gentle in their nature but will inevitably develop core muscle which is a key factor in the overall weight loss, muscle tends to be active tissue whereas fat isn’t, this is why it is important to build muscle in order to burn fat, if you aren’t able to do these exercises with some heavy weights then don’t worry.
You can start off with very light weights, the whole purpose of doing this is to incorporate resistance training into your exercise routine which makes your heart work harder and helps to burn fat.
Even though the exercises are gentle in nature once you do them one after another, and only have a short rest period you will notice that your heart rate has increased quite dramatically even though it doesn’t feel as though you have done much work wise.
Chest and arm exercises
Ideally for doing these exercises you should have a exercise bench like ones used in gyms this will probably work better for you, but if you don’t have one or can’t afford to buy one, the only option is to sit in a chair and at least do something.
The first exercise is called the flat dumbbell press for this exercise you need to lie down flat on your bench, hold your weights above your chest and, then slowly bring them down so the weights are more or less parallel with each other.
If you picture yourself lifting something up in the air say like a broom handle and then bringing it back down again to your chest this is how this exercise works, do this for 10 repetitions, and then move on to another exercise.
Double arm rows
For this particular exercise you don’t need a bench, stand up with your feet apart slightly and then with your weights in each hand bend your back over slightly at a angle, this is a great back and arm exercise, so now what you need to do is stand with your arms at your side, and bring the weights back behind you as if you are rowing or like you are elbowing somebody from behind. Do this for 10 repetitions again.
Angled dumbbell press
Make sure that you have a brief rest period between each exercise, but only for a few minutes main reason being for this is to keep the fat burning momentum going, for this exercise you need your bench set up at a 45 degree angle and so you’re more or less sitting up, get your weights and bring them down to your sides and then, you need to bring them together like you are hugging somebody or hugging a barrel do this for 10 repetitions and then do the routine over again so then you need to go back to doing the flat benchpress 10 repetitions again then you need to do ten more double arm rows.
Using your bench as a support you can do some push-ups and incorporate this into your exercise routine as well if you are able to do push-ups then don’t worry about it too much, this is just something else additional that you can add to this particular programme if needed, if you do want to do the push-ups then do ten sets twice but just make sure that you rotate it, this will ensure that your muscles do not get too tired and won’t get fatigued, by rotating the exercises.
Arm exercises
A bit back we did something called the double arm rows now we are going to do some single arm rows, you can put your knee on the bench if needed or use a chair, and the same as before imagine that you are rowing and do 10 sets per arm, you can repeat this as well with your push-ups to make a it a set of exercises, both of these exercises, will build up your arms. So what you need to do is go back to doing 10 more push-ups when you have done your single arm rows and then do 10 more single arm rows again.
Once you start getting into the swing of this you will notice that your heart rate has increased slightly, and you may start to feel quite warm this is the whole point of this it, is by far the best way to burn fat which is slow, most people think that you have to work out really hard until you go into muscle fatigue which is wrong, if you do your exercises slowly and controlled you you will gain more benefit. Doing to much defeats the object
Leg and back exercises
This exercise involves standing with your feet slightly apart having the weights by your side, and then what you need to do is lunge forward on one leg so the weights are putting resistance on your leg. If you think about how people who do fencing do this they put their leg as far forward as possible, and and your other leg is behind you say about a couple of feet above the ground, so you’re actually bending one leg and the other leg is behind you do 10 sets for each leg, this is a great exercise for the top of your legs and your behind as well.
Calf exercises
Stand with your legs slightly apart with the weights at your side and tiptoe so that you’re using your calf muscles to move your body put down slightly, do this for 10 repetitions once you have completed these particular exercises. Then go back and do the ones above repeating the process, this actual programme may take longer than 30 minutes but it doesn’t matter it was a rough estimate only.
If you wanted to you could go through the whole routine again and make it into a hour.
Abdominal exercises
Lie down with a exercise mat put your hands behind your head and do ten crunches what this means is you are trying to sit up and use your stomach in order to do the work. If you do find it hard to visualise what these exercises actually look like then you may need to do some searching to find some diagrams you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding any because they are plenty, so do 10 of these.
Side crunchers
As you’re lying down on your exercise mat put your hands behind your head and do tend side crunchers so instead of trying to sit up like before your putting your body to the side and crunching that way, this works out the side of your stomach rather than the midsection, do 10 repetitions of these and repeat the process so you do 10 more situps and than 10 more side crunchers.
As you can see by now we have quite a nice little exercise programme going you can incorporate your own exercises into this programme. If needed there are no hard and fast rules it is entirely up to you and what you are able to do.
Arm and back exercises
With your weights in front of you at arm sides slowly bring your back down and then slowly raise up again so this is like touching your toes with your fingertips if you imagine doing this that is what you need to do repeat this for 10 times.
Next exercise
With your weights at your side if you imagine that you are lifting your arm up at side so it is pointing straight or another way to look at this is have your arms out straight so they are horizontal and what you need to do is with both weights in each hand extend your arms to this position do this for 10 repetitions, this can be quite a hard exercise to start off with if you haven’t done it before so you might like to try doing this without weights or use some very light ones until you get used to doing it, so repeat the process again and do 10 repetitions of the first exercise and 10 repetitions of the second exercise. So this whole regime revolves around doing two sets of 10 each time.
Make sure you eat a low carbohydrate high protein diet because this is essential for building muscle. Also consult your physician or health care practitioner before doing any kind of exercise to make sure that you can do it.
If you start to feel dizzy or short of breath whilst doing this particular routine then please do stop because something may be wrong if this is the case.
You need to make sure that you do this every other day in order to give your muscles time to recover otherwise you’re liable to suffer from fatigue and won’t gain much benefit.

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