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Apr 17, 2011

Can Exercise Alter Obesity Genes

dna_500Trying to lose weight is one of the hardest things to accomplish sometimes for some people, especially when you have genetics up against you as well, but now some evidence has come to light that was done by a University of research in Maryland USA.
That suggests that exercise can now change this somewhat, they did a study of Amish people, both men and women a total of 704 participated in the study, it was found that some people had the particular gene which was associated with being overweight and or obese which is called FTO, Europeans about half of them tend to have a variation of this gene.
The participants who had to different variants of this particular gene were far more likely to be overweight and tended to be seven pounds more heavier than those people who didn’t have it those who had to variants of it were 67 percent more likely to become overweight or obese than those who didn’t have it.
But the researchers found that there was another group although they shared the same characteristics, as the ones to have the two variants of the gene, for some reason wasn’t fat unlike their counterparts, so what was it that was different between the two different groups in a nutshell it was exercise that separated them.
There is a twist to the story though, those who did manage to defeat their genes managed to burn a staggering 900 calories more than those who did moderate exercise for two to three hours a day. That’s an awful lot when you think about it comparing the two.
In another trial which was done by Danish people they found that those whom had the FTO to variants gene, had to do far less exercise than their counterparts in order to lose weight, so what can we actually take away from this research, it means that even if you do have problems and they are genetically related some simple exercise will put you on the right track all this tends to do is reinforce what is being said.
So when the excuse comes it’s to do with my DNA I am afraid it is no longer valid any more in order to lose weight effectively than you do need to do plenty of exercise otherwise you won’t accomplish what you want to do ultimately. And this just reinforces it yet again. Although it just goes to show that even genes can be altered by simple changes to our lifestyles.

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