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Apr 17, 2011

10 Health Benefits of Exercise

joggingExercise is a key component for health vitality, and keeping your body toned and supple and the most crucial ingredient to this is keeping your weight under control. But there are often lots of things that you may or may not know of that come from the benefits of exercising regularly.
1. You will increase muscle mass which is a key component in burning fat, muscle is active tissue whereas fat is in active tissue, so the more muscle mass you have the better
2. Keeps your bones and and joints supple and stronger, people whom exercise regular tend to have stronger bones, and more supple joints and are less likely to suffer from stiffness etc
3. Helps in relieving stress, it tends to be a great way of burning of adrenaline and also eliminating toxins from your body which may accumulate over time, these tend to be sweated out when you do vigorous exercise
4. Makes you feel more positive and ready for the day, try getting some exercise first thing in the morning and notice how, more positive you will feel throughout the day and feel able to attack anything which is thrown your way
5. Focus and concentration you will be able to concentrate a lot better, and get more things done which will rocket your productivity through the roof.
6. More energy when you will more physically active, your cardiovascular system becomes more stronger, a healthy person has less heart beats per minute than a  healthy person. The reason for this is a slower heartbeat pumps more blood round, than one that is going quicker at rest, this is one of the reasons why unhealthy people run out of energy so quickly. And feel tired all the time
7. Live a longer life studies have shown that people, who exercise regularly have a longer lifespan’s and there cells don’t expire as quick as unhealthy people’s. If you put some cells in a test-tube and leave them, for some time they will eventually expire and die if you regularly shake the test-tube which they are in, they have a longer lifespan
8.Lower blood pressure, due to the fact that exercise helps strengthens your cardiovascular system, this will keep your blood pressure in check.
9. Helps to burn off blood sugar, if you have diabetes or don’t have diabetes it’s still important to get exercise, in order to encourage the uptake of sugar into your cells, if this doesn’t happen over a long period of time your cells become insulin resistant, because no physical activity is occurring and your cells are being constantly bombarded with sugar, if you take regular exercise the excess glucose will become burned off and lower your sugar
10. Keeps cholesterol in check, when you’re more physically active your liver becomes more efficient at dealing with, excess cholesterol in your system and due to the fact that, exercise when done correctly burns fat, even when you are at rest. This will help to keep your blood cholesterol levels in check.

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