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Apr 17, 2011

10 Reasons Why Curry Isn’t Bad for You

Sometimes take-away food gets a bad rap, we tend to associate take-away foods with something that is bad for us.  Which is a fair point, a good percentage of it is junk food.
However, is that the case with all of it?  It may not necessarily be the case, if you eat curry and how it is cooked obviously.
So as was I was reading the Sun this morning.  They had an article which cited the health benefits of eating curry myself.  I quite like eating curry.  So for all those curry eating fans among us.  Here are the reasons why curry isn’t such a bad meal to eat after all.
Health benefits of eating curry
Heart health benefits
From what they say in the article if you’re curry has a tomato-base you will benefit from the antioxidant called lycopene, if you eat tomatoes, regularly, which are cooked the lypocene contained within them may prevent blood clots.
Which will prevent you from having heart attacks long-term certain curry powders can contain the following herbs paprika and thyme these also may help prevent heart disease.  As they have a compound in them called salicylic acid.
This particular substance is thought to stop the inflammation in your blood vessels, which could in turn lead to hardening of your arteries.
Weight loss properties
A number of studies have found that curries contain an ingredient called capsaicin this can be found in chilli and can raise your metabolic rate by up to 50 percent for three hours afterwards.  The reason being is it raises your heart rate.  And this explains one of the reasons why, you can start to sweat after eating one.
Cancer fighting properties
Dr Lesley Walker, from cancer research UK, has this to say.  There is evidence to say that an ingredient called curcumin, which can tend to be in quite a few curries. Which has properties that may be able to stop or even make tumour’s smaller.
Some researchers based at Leicester University in a department found that if you eat the above-mentioned ingredient.  It may prevent quite a few cancers, including breast, prostrate cancer and colon cancer.
Immune system properties
If you’re curry tends to have the ingredient of garlic.  Then this is great news for your immune system.  The reason being is it contains a substance called allicin, which acts as an antibiotic within your body as well as an antifungal as well as having antiviral properties so if you eat this, you are protecting yourself before, the viruses start to even appear particularly  In winter.
Another property of garlic is it has mucous lowering properties, which will help you if you get colds and flu in the winter months.
Mineral health benefits
Some other meats used in curries tend to be of the leaner variety, which will make them higher in essential minerals and vitamins.  These are zinc potassium and selenium zinc is good for boosting your immune system, as well as for growth and tissue repair.
Selenium has antioxidant properties. Potassium can help with keeping your fluid levels in order as well as lowering blood pressure.
Arthritis health properties
If the curry you’re eating contains ginger, then this is particularly useful for people who have arthritis ginger contains an antioxidant called zingerone this apparently reacts with free radicals, that tend to cause the tissue damage as well as the classic inflammation of the joints.
This particular substance tends to reduce this from happening more.  Not only that, if you’re curry has chilli in it.  This has been known to have pain relieving properties.
Brain boosting properties
One particular ingredient in curries, which is turmeric is reported to have help people whom have Alzheimer’s disease, the reason for this is when you have Alzheimer’s.  It tends to build up a substance within your brain and makes knots within it with the makeup of to turmeric.
Being as it is.  It can stop this happening by a factor of 50 percent, which is quite impressive really other health properties of turmeric are it is good at boosting your memory function, helps to reduce body inflammation, boosts immune system function, and helps with heart health, lowering cardiovascular problems.
Cholesterol lowering properties
If the curry you eat has onions and garlic in it, these two in turn will help to lower your cholesterol levels.  They both have active ingredients called sulphate’s in which a lot of health experts believe help to thin the blood to prevent clotting. Onions, in particular, help to boost your good HDL cholesterol.
They also say that researchers in Japan found that red onions cut the levels of LDL cholesterol using hamsters by a whopping 20 percent.  That is a very impressive figure from one simple food.
Cold health properties
If you’re curry has certain spices within it then it may help to stop you from getting colds in the winter.  Apparently, the spices contained within the curry help to trigger your body’s own natural defences by making it secrete more mucus this traps the virus and helps to keep the inflammation to a minimum.
Blood pressure lowering properties
If you’re curry contains coriander, which tends to be in certain curries. Indian ones will tend to have this in this particular herb has lots of antioxidants in, which can help to lower blood pressure. It can help to prevent the free radicals that are caused by cancer.
Now, I don’t know about you but to me that seems like a very impressive list of health benefits for something that has been given a bad rap in the past. Really more than anything, it depends how you cook you’re curry, if you only use a small amount of oil to cook it.
Then really there is no need to worry about it being bad for you. As long as you use most of the ingredients, which are listed above.
I don’t know about you but myself, I do like a curry occasionally, and perhaps those among us who thought curry was a bad boy of the food world.  This will hopefully put your mind to rest.
I think one of the mistakes that we tend to make is putting things in pigeonholes, which we tend to think are bad for us when in actual fact they aren’t. So if you’re a curry lover, then this is great news for you as it is me. And writing about this has now got me thinking about wanting one.

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