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Apr 17, 2011

Should I Weigh Myself Everyday?

It’s one of those big questions that a lot of people encounter. When they are trying to get fitter and lose some excess weight, how many times should, I weigh myself. And is more often necessarily better than less.
When I started on my first weight loss journey, I used to weigh myself. Far too often, and then I decided to just do it once a week which seemed to be a better compromise for myself.
And does it really matter, how often you weigh yourself? I dare say this all comes down to personal preference. I’m going to put a poll in this particular post to see what people do, when I used to weigh myself every week.
I did also used to keep a log, which I found quite motivating in it I would record my weight. And also my measurements mainly my waist.
Pros of weighing yourself every day
Here are some of the pros of weighing yourself every day
  • It could help to keep you more motivated.
  • You know exactly where you are, every day
  • You will notice small changes
Cons of weighing yourself every day
  • You may start to get frustrated because you don’t see any results
  • Change won’t necessarily happen as quick as you may hope
  • You could possibly become anxious or depressed
  • You could become a weighing addict
  • Your weight will vary from day to day
What studies find
Quite a few studies have been conducted on this particular topic and surprisingly one of them actually said that when you have two groups of people, and one weighs themselves daily, compared to those who don’t the people in the daily, group lost more weight compared to those who didn’t weigh themselves daily.
From my way of thinking. More than anything, it’s a matter of personal preference, what suits you best some people may want to weigh themselves everyday, while others may not want to.
What is your take on this? I myself think, if you want to. You can manage without it up a point some of the things that we don’t tend to notice are bodily changes like bodily shape, having more energy and feeling better and being able to get into clothes that wouldn’t normally fit us before.
Is there a cure for people who are fed up of looking at their scales ? Have a look at the video below as it will give you a good idea. What to do with your scales, if you have had enough of weighing yourself all the time.

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