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Feb 6, 2011

The Importance Of Goal Setting For Weight Loss


Many people decide they are going to go on a diet and are going to lose some weight - but what is some weight? If you say you are going to lose some weight and lose a pound then you have achieved your goal, haven't you?

What do you mean that wasn't your goal? You said you wanted to get rid of some weight, and you did!

Oh, you meant you wanted to get rid of more weight than a pound!

Do you see my point? If you don't know how much weight you want to get rid of, how will you know when you've reached your target?

Step 1
Decide EXACTLY how much weight you want to lose.

Once you have decided how much weight to get rid of, you need to determine a date you are going to achieve it by. It is important that this is an honest and realistic date.

It's no good saying you want to lose 80 pounds in three days. Unless you cut some limbs off or have dramatic surgery it's not going to happen.

Ensure that the date is one you can meet - not too easily though - it needs to be a date that will stretch you a little.

Step 2
Set a REALISTIC date for reaching your target weight.

Now you know when you are going to be your target weight you need to set milestones between now and your target date, i.e. how much weight are you going to lose each month before your target date?

Again, these need to be realistic but push you a little. You need to stretch yourself to achieving these goals.

Write these down so you have them physically in front of you and maybe even get a friend to hold you accountable to achieving them. Set yourself a reward for a achieving each goal and a penalty for missing it.

Step 3
Set REWARDS and PENALTIES for achieving your milestones
Make sure the penalty is something you really don't want to do - maybe telling your partner how much you weight or giving away something of value. Make the rewards something that you really look forward to - a good meal, a new outfit, or something equally motivating for you.

This structured approach will ensure you reach your target weight, stay motivated and do it with ease. It is an enjoyable and fun approach that will make sure you are successfully achieve the ideal you.

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