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Feb 6, 2011

Men - Top 10 Reasons To Never Quit Your Fitness Program

When starting a new gym program you're excited to hit the gym and achieve your goals of getting bigger or getting leaner.
Some where down the line something happens and you lose your motivation to train and you starting looking for excuses not to hit the gym. Before you know it, you've given up on your program for one reason or another and you're on your couch wasting away watching T.V a lot more and eating KFC from the bucket.

Most people lack persistence. When the going gets tough, most give up. Do you want to be part of that minority? Here are the top 10 reasons you need to think about anytime you feel your motivation is dropping, these reasons will help get your motivation levels raise so much that you'll be looking forward to your next training sessions, maybe you'll even start benching your T.V from the eagerness.
  1. Summer beach time - Imagine everybody looking in awe as you take your shirt off at the beach. Guys will be jealous of you and hot girls will be admiring you. You'll be king of the beach.
  2. Being strong - You'll have the strength to do what most people cant, be it bench 220lb or be that person asked instead of others to open a fresh bottle of ketchup or something.
  3. Feeling great about yourself - By having a better body you'll be more confident and always trying to sneak a peak at yourself when going past a mirror because you'll look so good.
  4. Being successful at your career - Whilst this may not be morally right, this is true. Better looking people get the promotion, make the sale, and look trust worthy and skilled. Overweight people usually look lazy, clumsy, and undependable. You have the choice to be one of the good looking people who get all the good things if you stick to your program.
  5. Attracting the opposite sex - Just think about how awesome it'll be when that hot girl asks to feel your muscles. When you reach that point you know the time you spent working out has been worth it.
  6. Proving the jerks wrong - Some negative jerks expect you to quit your program and give up. They don't want you to reach your potential because they can't and therefor will try to put you down. These jerks will be so jealous when you prove them wrong by sticking to your program and getting excellent results.
  7. Beating your rival - Do you have someone that always does that little bit better then you at your sport or at your job or at any part of your life? When ever you think about not going to the gym, just remember that your rival will be there no matter what. When you do go to the gym, remember your rival is there too, doing the same things as you, so make sure you always squeeze out that extra rep and go the extra mile so you can kick his or her ass when it counts!
  8. Be a person that does follow through on set goals - Be a person that achieves the goals they set in all areas of their life, don't be a person that sets a new year's resolution or a new goal and fails to take action to achieve it.
  9. Being healthy - Going to the gym requires one of the best diets out of all sports. You'll be eating well and combine that with working out, you'll be able to live with more energy! Being healthy prevents many nasty diseases and health problems.
  10. Do it for fun - Once you get into bodybuilding, you'll love going to the gym and going all out to push out the extra rep or run the extra mile!

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