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Jan 2, 2011

Poppy Montgomery's Diet and Exercise Routine: Say No to Fad Diets

Poppy Montgomery is an Australian actress who is best regarded for her roles as Samantha Spade in the American television series Without a Trace. This 5 feet 5 inch actress always looked very fit and well-toned especially when she played the FBI agent Samantha Spade wherein the roles needs her to be physically fit, full of energy and stamina. I know you’re curious with her diet and exercise routine so let’s find out as Poppy shares both.

Poppy Montgomery’s diet includes eating mini well-balanced meals, which are low in salt every three hours. She isn’t believer of fad diets like Zone, South Beach Diet and any other diets since she believes the results they give are just short-term. Especially when Poppy is shooting, she eats balanced meals every three hours that contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats proportioned well. These foods are considered excellent source of natural energy and doesn’t contain any artificial, sugar-rich or caffeine.

Poppy Montgomery’s diet plan is low in salt since this causes water retention in her body. On a typical day, Poppy Montgomery’s diet plan includes oatmeal, a bit of egg-white and peanut butter for a healthy breakfast, and for lunch she eats salad with protein and vegetables, avocado and oil. For her snacks, she eats half of a small apple together with some natural peanut butter and a slice of turkey, or perhaps some hummus along with chicken, or a small amount of cheese with a few almonds plus a slice of turkey. She likewise keeps herself well-hydrated by drinking ample amounts of water.

For Poppy Montgomery’s exercise regimen, she works out with her personal trainers Helene Guzman and Valerie Waters. Her routine includes working out 5 to 7 days a week performing weight training, flexibility and cardio exercises using the treadmill. She also utilizes her body weight during workout, does bench dips for triceps one leg off the ground, or single-leg lifts plus 20 to 25 repetitions every exercise.

Furthermore, Poppy Montgomery’s exercise routine includes doing series of stretches, ab work out together with side crunches. Her personal trainers also instruct Poppy to do interval and endurance training to improve her stamina. "Endurance training is when you do intervals of cardio bursts within a circuit of three or more exercises, like bicep curls, push-ups, and single-leg squats, then running on the treadmill for three to five minutes,”.


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