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Jan 2, 2011

Petra Nemcova's Diet and Exercise Routine: Eating Healthy, Staying Fit!

Petra Němcová is a Czech model, television host, author, and philanthropist. She’s likewise the founder and the chairwoman of the Happy Hearts Fund. This model was very honest to admit that she used to take laxatives to help her lose weight but she realized how unhealthy it was for her body. Now, Petra has found a way to keep herself healthy while staying fit and in great shape. Let’s find out more about this.

Petra Nemcova’s diet involves eating a well-balanced meal together with using portion control. Needless to say, portion controlled diet allows Petra to eat whatever she wants as long as it is kept in moderate servings. Furthermore, the advantage of such diet is dieters like Petra do not feel deprived with the foods she wants to take in. But even with this fact, she chooses to consume well-balanced meals.

Petra Nemcova’s diet plan typically includes foods coming from three groups: fat, carbohydrates and protein. These food groups are proportioned well in every meal Petra consumes. Plus, she isn’t allowed to eat junk foods. With such diet, she is assured with rapid weight loss aside from the fact that she follows a healthy way of living. “I went through so many diets in my life. I’ve been very, very skinny. I’ve been a size zero but I’m naturally more curvy.” “I ate just vegetables, carrots, tomatoes. I went from a just-protein diet to just eating apples to eating no carbs. I took laxatives. I went through all of it just to be able to model,” the model claims.

 On the other hand, Petra Nemcova’s exercise routine mainly involves Pilates done three times per week. Pilates is considered a physical fitness routine that concentrates on the core postural muscles, the deep abdominal muscles, plus the muscles near the spine. With such routine, Petra is able to control her core through the integration of the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle as part of her exercise routine. At the same time, Petra Nemcova’s exercise allows her to be fully aware of her breathing, and spine alignment plus help in strengthening the deep torso muscles.

Pilates works similarly with the combination of yoga plus the movements of a ballet dancer. It likewise helps in improving elasticity of the muscles, plus joint mobility. Through doing Pilates, Petra is able to train several muscle groups in her body at one through a smooth and continuous movement.

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