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Jan 2, 2011

Penelope Cruz's Diet and Exercise Routine For A Hot Sexy Body

Penélope Cruz Sánchez, famously known as Penelope Cruz, is a Spanish actress who made her debut on the television at the age of 16 years old. Her first film was the Jamón, jamón (1992), critically acclaimed film. She likewise appeared in other movies including Open Your Eyes (1997), The Hi-Lo Country (1999), The Girl of Your Dreams (2000) and Woman on Top (2000). She received some recognition in her roles in Vanilla Sky and Blow which were both released in 2001. For 9 years, Penelope studied classical ballet at Spain’s National Conservatory as evident by her long sleek muscles and well-maintained dancer’s figure. But aside from these, Penelope uses other ways to maintain her figure. Want to know it? Then keep reading.

Penelope Cruz’s diet includes both portion control and a low calorie diet. She is likewise one of the celebrities who use NutriFit to lose weight especially when she’s preparing for her roles in films. NutriFit is an American gourmet catering service that provides its customers delicious yet healthy meals especially those conscious with their figures. Jackie Keller is the founder of NutriFit and according to her, Penelope loves her diet plan as it allows her to eat all her favourite foods without thinking that’s on diet. "Penélope wanted to lose a little weight in preparation for a film role," Jackie says. "She's 5'5" [165cm] and weighs about eight stone [51kg], but she likes pasta, pizza and rice-based dishes."

This diet plan allows her to lose weight while eating well balanced meals per day, plus three healthy snacks. Penelope’s daily kilojoule intake was approximately 5,900. "The plan is designed to give you a diet made up of 50 percent favourable carbohydrates, such as brown rice, 25 percent lean protein and 25 percent healthy fats," as stated by the diet founder. Banned in Penelope Cruz’s diet are foods rich in saturated fat like and full-fat cheeses. Yet, Penelope is still allowed to eat chocolates but in limited servings, and drink alcohol but in moderate amounts too.

On a typical day, Penelope Cruz’s diet plan includes buckwheat pancakes or scrambled eggs and onions, cooked in a dash of olive oil for breakfast. For her mid-morning snacks, she consumes fruit salad together with apple and berry granola or wild berry smoothie. For lunch, she takes in barbecue-grilled chicken whole wheat pizza together with raw garnish or whole wheat pasta with turkey-meat sauce and grilled mushrooms. For her mid-afternoon snack, she eats couscous with raisins and dates or perhaps a low-fat protein bar. For dinner, she eats baked cod along with green beans and a green salad or chicken with wine and mushrooms plus mixed vegetables. And lastly, for her snack, she eats 4 square of dark chocolate.

Since she was a ballerina in the past, this has helped Penelope to achieve a long and lean ballerina figure. Whenever possible, Penelope still tries to keep up by joining dance classes. Part of Penelope Cruz’s exercise routine is doing a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training every day. Penelope works out together with her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson doing his Core Secrets 5 times per week.

Furthermore, Penelope Cruz’s exercise routine includes a variety of cardio exercises like walking or jogging along with lightweight training during every workout. Additionally, her personal trainer helps her with integrated workouts that work on different and multiple muscles in the body such as the bicep curl with a squat together with concentrated core work for lean abdominals. Such exercise routine works faster yet still effective. Penelope Cruz’s exercise likewise includes yoga to help her elevate her stress and sometimes, does Pilates.

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