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Jan 2, 2011

Kate Bosworth's Diet and Exercise Tips

Catherine Ann Bosworth, famously known in the entertainment industry as Kate Bosworth is an American actress. She first appeared on the television series Young Americans wherein she got the role of Bella Banks. She became famous when she did the leading character in Blue Crush in 2002. She appeared in other films like Wonderland (2003), Beyond the Sea (2004), Superman Returns (2006), and 21 (2008).
In 2008, she was one of the newest models in Calvin Klein Jeans and spokeswoman for Coach newest luxury bags. She used to be the subject of intrigue when at a point, she became too skinny. But now, Kate has already found the best balance between diet and exercise to keep herself looking great always. Keep reading to know more about this.
kate-bosworth.jpgThe low caloric diet plus portion control are two of Kate Bosworth’s diet secrets to staying slim. With the portion control diet, Kate only eats small portions of food spread out for the entire day and eats them especially when she’s hungry. She eats anything she wishes but only takes three bites of each food. Kate Bosworth’s diet plan likewise includes a lot of proteins, vegetables, and fruits to supply her enough vitamins and minerals.
On the other hand, the low caloric diet that Kate follows contains a daily caloric intake based on the height, weight, and age of the individual. Usually, dieters who adhere to this diet monitor always their caloric intake making sure they don’t go beyond their caloric limit.
For Kate Bosworth’s exercise especially when she did the movie Blue Crush, she had to add 15 pounds of muscle through working out and at the same time surfing 6 hours every day. During those days, Kate surfs for 4 hours, perform weight training for an hour, and for the remaining hour, she runs on the beach or under the water. She surfs 7 days a week and does weight training five times per week.
Unlike other celebrities Kate Bosworth’s exercise routine is done alone as she doesn’t have any personal trainer and works out at the gym or at home. Furthermore, she swims and runs for 1 hour five to seven times per week to keep her legs well-toned and fit. These exercises are actually considered high cardio workouts that keep the heart rate up and burns more calories.

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