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Jan 2, 2011

Jaime Pressly's Diet and Exercise Tips: Keeping a Lean Firm Figure

Jaime Pressly is an American actress and model, known for her role as Joy on the NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl. She was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in A Comedy Series in 2006 and 2007 and won the award in 2007. Jaime was likewise nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2006 as well as the Golden Globe Award in 2007. Her diet plan and exercise routine keeps her lean and firm for years. Let’s find out how this 5 foot 5 inches actress does this.
Jaime-Pressly.jpgWhen she gave birth, Jaime Pressly’s diet was adhered to the 7 day detox plan wherein within three days; she only had to eat cabbage soup vegetables, potato and grilled chicken by day 6. But now, Jaime Pressly’s diet is high in protein that contains 4 to 6 mini meals per day. Her diet plan includes a lot of big green salads, meat and potatoes. Jaime likewise loves eating pasta but not a lot and also reduces her carbohydrate intake. She also eats a lot of fresh fruits like honeydew and pineapple. She also monitors her fat intake and keeps herself well hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
With regards to Jaime Pressly’s exercise routine, she loves horseback riding, hiking, kickboxing, as well as swimming. Whenever she prepares for her roles in her movies, she goes to the gym and spends four hours a day for approximately 30 days.
Years ago, Jaime likewise loves dancing and does this for 5 hours per day which gave her a muscular physique. She stopped dancing when she began hitting the gym to do her exercise routines. Jaime Pressly’s exercise routine is done together with her personal trainer Garrett Warren doing strength training, and Proper Body Exercise that is a blend of Pilates, Yoga and core stability movements. Jaime Pressly’s exercise routine starts with doing 90-minute workout with kickboxing followed by weights, 15 minutes of ProBodX moves, as well as ab exercises. She also includes resistance training in her routines.

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