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Jan 2, 2011

Helena Christensen's Diet and Exercise Tips

Helena Christensen is a Danish fashion model, a former model of Victoria’s secret, a beauty queen, and photographer. She also tried working as a creative director for a fashion magazine, designed clothing, and supported funding for different organizations for breast cancer plus other charities. This 5 foot 10 inches supermodel was once noted as one of the most beautiful women alive. Although she’s 42 years old, Helena still looks younger than her age, with a fantastic and sexy physique. How is she able to do this? Let’s find out.
Helena-Christensen.jpgHelena Christensen’s diet plan is adhered to eating 5 small well-balanced meals a day plus portion control to lose weight and to keep her fit. Helena Christensen’s diet contains 55% to 60% of carbohydrates from vegetables, cereals, bread, rice and pasta; 15% of nutrients from eating vegetables and fruits both cooked and fresh; another 15% for proteins that comes from meat, eggs, and fish; and 10% from fat which comes from consuming olive oil.
For Helena Christensen’s exercise routine, she does dancing and other fitness exercises 4 times a week for 45 minutes. She actually started working out appropriately three years ago. She likes to walk especially in New York everyday and claims that 90% of her travelling in the city is by foot. She likewise does rotating lunges that moves all main muscles of the body.
Helena Christensen’s exercise routine also includes boxing, skipping, swimming, and playing tennis together with his son. She loves to run outdoors for just 20 minutes three times in a week which she claims as one of the best ways to start her day.
Recently, she joined a new class called the Jukari Fit to Flex. She claims that it’s different from other exercises she did and in just 5 minutes, she’s already sweating much. Helena also states, “Strangely enough, I didn’t worry at all about my body when I worked as a model full-time. It was only after I started winding down on modelling that I thought about training, just so I don’t end up completely hunched over like an old woman.”

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