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Jan 2, 2011

Gabrielle Union's Diet and Exercise Secrets: Keeping a Smoking Hot Body

She’s an American actress and a former model, starred in the movies Bring it On with Kirsten Dunst, and Bad Boys II with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, and in the CBS drama series City of Angels. Gabrielle Union certainly needs to keep a healthy, fit, and well-shaped body especially when doing her characters in her movies. Since high school, she was already active playing basketball and soccer. This 5 foot 8 inches model and actress doesn’t stress herself much about diet and exercise, but how is she still able to maintain such great figure? Let’s find out.
Gabrielle-Union.jpegGabrielle Union’s diet was actually adhered to eating a well balanced diet and kept everything in moderation otherwise known as the portion control diet. Her favourite book is “The Portion Plan: How to Eat the Foods You Love and Still Lose Weight” that explains how to moderately eat foods and while at the same time being able to lose weight. Gabrielle Union’s diet plan allows her to reward herself with eating sweets and junk food if she has done well in any aspect of her life. She only eats sugar-rich foods as a form of a treat to herself and consumes only a few amounts per week.
To keep her fit and always in great shape, Gabrielle Union’s exercise regimen has to be done two hours a day, five times per week especially when she did her role in the film Bad Boys II. She says, “Once I saw the wardrobe, (for Bad Boys II) I had to put the Krispy Kreme down and kind of get real with myself. I was in the gym two hours a day, five days a week.” 
Gabrielle Union’s exercise routine also includes Pilates to keep her body well-toned which actually started when she did the movie Bad Boys II, and since then, adhered to that physical fitness system. She also does an hour of cardio exercises together with Pilates.

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