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Jan 2, 2011

Debra Messing's Diet and Exercise Tips Secrets: Lose 60lbs in 3 Months

Debra Messing is an American actress who was best and famously known in her role as Grace Adler in the sitcom Will & Grace and as Molly Kagan in The Starter Wife. Both roles of Debra have granted her eight Golden Globe nominations plus six Emmy Award nominations, with one win. For years that she’d been in the entertainment industry, Debra always looked beautiful, young and sexy.
After she gave birth to her child, she lost almost 60 pounds which she gained during her pregnancy. Debra has a sweet tooth, loves eating breakfast cereals and fast food burgers which contributed a lot of her weight gain in her pregnancy. Let’s find out how Debra was able to lose all these weight and maintain her body fit and healthy.
Debra-Messing.jpgDebra Messing’s diet is adhered to eating all the foods she wants but in limited amounts. This diet is otherwise known as the portion controlled diet. She was able to stay in shape using portion control wherein she is able to add anything in her diet but only in small amounts. Her favourite foods were Pepperoni Pizza and french fries but only consumes these foods in moderate servings. The good thing about Debra Messing’s diet is it allows her to eat anything and get rid of the feeling of being deprived.
On the other hand, individuals using this diet need to check whether they are still getting the right amount of nutrients and will not just consume junk foods the entire day. However, most of those individuals who follow this diet choose to eat healthy foods and sometimes high fat and high caloric foods but in smaller sizes.
After Debra gave birth to her son in 2005, she lost almost all her gained weight during pregnancy in just three months. To make Debra Messing’s exercise routine, she decided to hire a personal trainer namely Gunnar Peterson. “It helped me drop the first few pounds, but I was exhausted! I couldn’t work out three hours a day and do my job as a mother and an actress. So I took the pressure off: I cut back on seeing the trainer but started eating healthier,” Debra claims.
Included in Debra Messing’s exercise routine were resistance training to increase her work outs. She likewise stated, “I lost the weight by breastfeeding. No fast food and doughnuts, eating lots of fresh fish, tofu, vegetables and fruits.  Three times a week I do stationary bikes and weights.” Debra likewise does circuit training, Pilates, yoga, plus doing long walks.

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