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Jan 2, 2011

Dania Ramirez's Diet and Exercise Secrets: Get a Body like Hers!

Dania Ramirez is a Dominican television and movie actress who was best known for her roles as Alex in Entourage, Maya Herrera in Heroes, and Blanca in the last season of The Sopranos. She likewise starred as Callisto, the female antagonist in X-Men: The Last Stand. Dania is a 5 foot and a half inches celebrity who has nothing to hide because of her awesome figure. Keep reading to know how she got it.
dania-ramirez.jpgDania Ramirez’s diet plan is adhered to the famous South Beach Diet wherein she eats healthy fats plus healthy carbohydrates. Among the diet plans of celebrities, South Beach diet is among the easiest diet plans to follow. Dania Ramirez’s diet plan was founded by Arthur Agatston, MD which is written in a book titled The South Beach Diet.
This kind of diet is based on the Glycemic Index that ranks food according to their glycemic loads. The goal of such diet is to look for a healthy balance in between carbohydrates and fats, and good carbohydrates and fats. This diet stops the intake of any highly processed foods, sweets and soft drinks. The diet is likewise divided into three phases wherein each phase has a specified allowable foods, meal plans, and recipes.
Dania Ramirez’s exercise routine is done together with her personal trainer Ramona Braganza who is likewise the personal trainer of Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry.  Dania Ramirez’s exercise includes cardio exercises plus strength training for one hours and thirty minutes three times per week. She focuses on working out with her lower body specifically her abs, glutes and legs. To keep her lower strong and well-toned, she includes sliding on gliding discs, like a speed skater to help tone up her inner thighs. She needed to keep fit especially when she her role in Heroes wherein she states, “There’s a lot of running with my character.”

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