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Jan 2, 2011

Estella Warren's Diet and Exercise Tips: Fit, Healthy and Sexy

Estella Warren is a Canadian actress, former fashion model, and is likewise a former synchronized swimmer. She has appeared in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, Vogue, Vanity Fair and two television commercials for Chanel No. 5 perfume. In 2000, she was regarded as one of Maxim Magazine's Hottest Woman. In 2001, she was the partner of Sylvester Stallone in the automobile racing movie, Driven.
In the same year, she also starred as Daena during the reconstitute of Planet of the Apes co-starring Mark Wahlberg. In 2005, she was ranked number 61 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005". This 5 foot 9 inch model and actress undeniably looks always sexy and beautiful off and on cam. Want to know her secrets behind? Keep reading.
estella-warren.jpgEstella Warren’s diet is generally healthy which means she eats a lot of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains in the proper amount. Estella Warren’s diet doesn’t deprive her with food she wants and sometimes treats herself with ice cream or cookies. She likes drinking a lot of tea and tries to keep herself well-hydrated. Some of her favourite breakfast foods are eggs together with an English muffin. She likewise loves sushi, eggs, and steaks and among her guilty pleasures are French fries from McDonald’s.
When regarding Estella Warren’s exercise, she does hit the gym and do cardio exercises, sit-ups, plus stretches. She likewise runs, bikes, swims, hikes, and does yoga. She states, “I exercise a lot, I get an adrenaline rush after exercising every day. I run, bike, do yoga or hike. I like to take bike rides with my boyfriend. At the gym, I do cardio, sit ups and stretch.” Estrella used to be a synchronized swimmer and participates in triathlons. During filming her movies, Estella Warren’s exercises are quite lessened because of her hectic schedules.

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