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Jan 2, 2011

Drew Barrymore's Diet and Exercise Tips To Get In Great Shape

Drew Barrymore is considered America’s sweetheart that’s why lots of people love watching her movies. But this 5 feet 4 inches tall actress, like other celebrities underwent weight problems during the early part of her career. The press crucified her and she put on almost 20 pounds of weight in 2006. But she proved that she can get back in great shape especially when she got one of the starring roles in Angels movies. Now, Drew Barrymore is able to maintain that awesome shape. How does she do it?
Drew Barrymore’s diet consists of balancing her meals with lots of organic vegetables. She likewise eats lean proteins such as chicken breast, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. Drew only eats three meals per day and doesn’t eat any snacks. Drew Barrymore’s diet is basically low calorie and low carbohydrates. She likewise loves to drink coffee and sometimes treat herself with low fat dessert.
Drew_Barrymore.jpgDrew Barrymore’s exercise regimen is working out three to four times per week. Included in her regimen are jogging, dancing,swimming, yoga, and Pilates. Drew jogs for 5 miles three times a week. She states that she doesn’t want to jog everyday so she’d not get bored with her exercise routine.
Drew likewise joined a Pilates class to serve as her strength training. This kind of workout helps keep her muscles lean and well-toned without bulking them up. Drew Barrymore’s exercise routine includes yoga not only to strengthen her but also help her become more flexible and be able to manage her stress through the controlled breathing techniques taught in yoga.
Drew actually has two personal trainers, Kathy Kaehler and Mark Blanchard to keep her motivated to stick with her exercise routine.
She likewise follows Kathy Kaehler's Boot Camp workout so she’d never get bored doing yoga and Pilates. Now, Drew Barrymore is able to maintain her weight in the ideal range thanks to her diet and exercise routines. For her, “Losing the weight has given me confidence and a sense of pride, but I’m not about to go down to a size zero. Don’t worry about me because I would never fall prey to all that bulls**t.”

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