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Jan 2, 2011

Daisy Fuentes' Diet and Exercise Secrets: Fit and Sexy

A Cuban-American model, actress, media magnate, and a fashion designer, Daisy Fuentes certainly has long been admired by her fans because of her healthy and curvy figure. She entered the entertainment industry as she became MTV's first Latina VJ and is Revlon's first Latina spokesperson to have signed a worldwide contract. The 44-year old celebrity has graced the cover of Fitness Magazine’s August 2008 edition in which she shared how she maintains her figure despite her age. Now let’s find out how this beautiful celebrity is able to keep such great shape.
Daisy-Fuentes.jpgDaisy Fuentes’ diet is focused on eating her favourite foods in moderate amounts but 90% of the time tries to eat healthy foods. She doesn’t like depriving herself with her favourite foods but tries her best to make good choices when it comes to her diet whenever possible. This is an evident example of portion control.
Daisy states, “Thin-crust margarita pizza and champagne. One of the reasons I bought my house was because it has a wood-burning oven in which I can make pizza!” Daisy Fuentes’ diet likewise contains a variety of foods like fresh foods, lean protein and whole-grains from each food group, eating vegetables and fruits rather than chips and cookies during snacks. Since she follows the portion controlled diet, she stops eating especially when she’s full and satisfied.
For Daisy Fuentes’ exercise regimen, she tries to alternate circuit training workouts using light weights and cardiovascular exercises or kick boxing. Daisy loves doing cardio exercises especially in the form of hiking together with her dogs. As Daisy states, “I’m definitely not a cardio-machine girl — I have a treadmill in my garage, but I don’t really use it. I need to be having fun, so I play tennis and go for long hikes in the hills just five minutes from my backyard. With my trainer, we mix it up and do different things, including kickboxing.”
Though she has her personal trainer, she tries to stay fit in any way she can especially doing sports she likes such as tennis and volleyball. Included in Daisy Fuentes’ exercise regimen is Pilates to help her stay lean and elongated and is actually one of her favourite routines. During photo shoots, Daisy tries to work out and burn more calories especially when she’ll be wearing a swimsuit.

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