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Jan 2, 2011

AnnaLynne Mccord's Diet and Exercise Tips: Staying Thin and Healthy

AnnaLynne McCord, an American actress, is well-known for portraying vixen-type roles. She first caught the attention of people in 2007 during the scheming Eden Lord on the FX television series Nip/Tuck, as well as Loren Wakefield on the MyNetworkTV telenovela American Heiress. She likewise appeared in the films Transporter 2 and the thriller Day of the Dead. She’s likewise one of the stars of the new generation of 90210. Though AnnaLynne looks thin, she’s still healthy and fit. Let’s check out her diet and exercise secrets.
AnnaLynne-McCord.jpgAnnaLynne Mccord’s diet is actually common among celebrities, the portion control diet. This means she eats anything she wants but in minimal amounts only. She says “I’m an In-N-Out girl” that is actually pertaining to a burger chain in America. Sometimes, she treats herself through eating cholocates. For a typical day, AnnaLynne Mccord’s diet plan contains a full egg breakfast burrito that is approximately 500 calories for breakfast. For lunch, she eats cheese burger, and for dinner, a lemon-pepper chicken with a hint of lime.
On the other hand, AnnaLynne Mccord’s exercise routines includes belly dancing, “It’s a workout while I’m actually being challenged and entertained. I shake it a little. That’s really fun. If you’re like me and you have the attention span of, like, two seconds, belly-dancing is good.”
One of her magazine interviews stated that AnnaLynne Mccord’s exercise routine includes the  eight-minute total-body workout from Barry’s Bootcamp wherein she stated, “My schedule can be so hectic that a fun, short workout like this is perfect for me…I loved it!” Barry’s Bootcamp state that when you do the exercise 4 times a week, you will build lead muscle mass.
Here is a simple overview of the said workout: lunge and curl using a 5 to 10 pounds weight for a minute; followed by leaping lunges for another minute; then the tricep kick backs using a 5 to 10 pounds weight 30 second every arm; knee drive for 30 seconds each leg; squat presses using weights for one minute; plank Row with weights for one minute each arm; running plank for another minute; then jump squats for one minute.
When it comes to working out, AnnaLynne likewise loves keeping it fun and not sticking much with the traditionally ways of exercising. “I love being outdoors, playing beach tennis, going for runs in the sand, or doing a three-hour hike with my best girlfriend, Mieko… we go to Runyon Canyon or some other hiking trail and just walk and talk for hours. It’s our one-on-one time,” AnnaLynne says.

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