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Jan 2, 2011

Courteney Cox's Diet and Exercise Secrets to Get Your Ideal Physique

Courteney Cox is an American actress best known for her character as Monica Geller on the NBC sitcom “Friends.” She likewise starred in Dirt and Scream series and became a guest-character in Scrubs and in Seinfeld. She used to be criticized for her weight in the past, but now, she was able to maintain a very healthy weight. This 5 feet 5 inches actress possesses a slender body that graced the cover of People magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue. Keep reading to find out how Courteney has been able to attain and maintain her great shape.
courteney-cox.jpgCourteney Cox’s diet is known to be complex since it is a combination of the Atkins diet, the Blood Type diet and the Carbohydrate Addict diet. Her most favourite diet is the latter one because she likes eating carbohydrate-rich foods during dinner time. She attributes her current weight of 110 pounds together with her slim physique to her diet regimen. She’s blessed with a fast metabolic rate so when she eats protein, she loses weight.
Courteney grew up in the Southern part of America so she is used to eating a lot of carbs and high fat foods. She likes the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet made by Dr Richard Heller and his wife Dr Rachel Heller. With Courteney Cox’s diet, she is able to eat meat, butter, eggs, cheese, seafood and vegetables. She just needs to restrict her carbohydrate intake through a single daily “reward” meal. This diet still requires her to eat a well-balanced meal which also includes eating salad for fibre, protein for minerals and to stabilize blood sugar. The carbs serve as a support to her energy and to satisfy her at the same time.
Courteney Cox’s diet plan typically in a day includes scrambled eggs, a small glass of milk and two pieces of bacon or pancakes filled with cottage cheese for breakfast, grilled salmon or steak, steamed vegetables and a green salad for lunch, and roast lamb, vegetables or roast potatoes for dinner. She likewise consumes a lot of tea and black coffee.
To keep her slim and fit, Courteney Cox’s exercise regimen is done five times a week. Her routine includes cardio workouts, weight training, running plus hiking. Together with this, she also does Pilates and Budokon that is a challenging fitness routine combining yoga and meditation. Budokon is an exercise routine that tries to create balance and permanent change in the entire system according to the founder the system, Cameron Shayne. Courteney finds the system fun and effective.

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