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Jan 2, 2011

Cindy Crawford's Diet and Exercise Tips to Be Fab At 40

She was one of the very first models who was regarded as a “Supermodel” who stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. Cindy Crawford was a famous model in the 1990s who incredibly rocks wearing a bikini. She even created her own three exercise videos which were “Shape Your Body” (1992), “The Next Challenge Workout” (1995), and “A New Dimension” from 2000. Today, Cindy is a mother of two but she’s still able to maintain her figure. Know how supermodel Cindy Crawford is able to maintain her beauty and her physique through the years.
cindy-crawford.JPGCindy Crawford’s diet is also adhered to the popular diet among celebrities, the Zone diet. This diet plan carefully balances the meal with 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of protein, and 30% of fats. She likewise eats 5 times a day following the Zone diet so that she’d never stay hungry throughout the day.
During a typical day, Cindy Crawford’s diet is composed of the following meals: for breakfast, she eats 1 toast of whole meal bread together with ham or turkey plus coffee. Alternatively, she takes 2 low-fat yogurts with muesli and coffee or red tea. For snacks, she takes 1 seasonal fruit and 4 nuts. For lunch, she consumes 1 protein, meat or fish plus 1 carb which are vegetables plus 1 seasonal fruit. For snacks, she again eats 1 seasonal fruit plus 4 almonds, and for dinner, she eats mash potatoes, steamed fresh salmon with tomatoes plus salad and one kiwi.
When she was still a model, Cindy Crawford’s exercise regimen takes up 2 hours of her day, 6 times a week. She does Pilates and fitness ball to speed up her metabolism and helps firm up her body. She likewise runs for 3 miles or swims to burn off the fats. She does 200 ab exercises a day to flatten her stomach. To strengthen her legs, she dances and climbs the stairs regularly. Included in Cindy Crawford’s exercise regimen is weight lifting especially in toning up different parts of her body. She likewise does 20 minutes of stretching at the end of her exercise routine to increase her flexibility.
Now that Cindy is already a mother of two, included in her daily workout is 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises through walking or running on a slightly inclined ground plus 40 minutes of free weights. She prefers to run outside or in their neighbourhood. She still does Pilates or Yoga and works with her personal trainer Kathy Kaehler.

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