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Jan 2, 2011

Catherine Zeta Jones Diet and Exercise Tips: Get a Voluptuous Body

Since she was young, Catherine Zeta Jones already was a keen dancer. At an early age, she studied dancing that’s why she appeared naturally on one of her movies, “Chicago” wherein she won an award as best actress. She also starred in the movies “Traffic” with her husband Michael Douglas, “Ocean’s Twelve” and “The Mask of Zorro.” She’s 41 years old, but she still has all the right curves in her body even if she’s already a mother of two. Let’s find out the secrets behind Catherine Zeta Jones’ voluptuous body.
catherine-zeta-jones.jpgCatherine Zeta Jones joined the Weight Watchers right after she had her first child. Weight watchers help her lose weight gradually and at the same time give her support. Presently, Catherine Zeta Jones’ diet follows the Atkins diet that helps her lose weight around 8 pounds in just one week. Atkins diet requires you to take foods rich in proteins like meat, fish and eggs plus fat like mayonnaise, oil and butter and completely no carbohydrate rich foods.
Whenever she wants to lose weight especially during filming her movies, Catherine Zeta Jones’ diet is maintained on low sugar and low caffeine foods. She actually hasn’t eaten any chips since she was 14 years old and only consumes skimmed milk. Catherine Zeta Jones’ diet is something she calls sensible as she only takes three meals a day, and no snacking. Catherine likewise is a fan of fishes and one of her favorites is smoked salmon sandwiches with potato chips crunched inside.
For Catherine Zeta Jones’ exercise regimen, she spends 30 minutes per day doing Pilates and yoga especially when she did her role for “Traffic”. As stated earlier, she likewise loves dancing so she includes this in her exercise regimen. She also has done the Barry’s Bootcamp especially during times that she wanted to lose a big amount of her weight in just a minimal time.
Together with her husband, Catherine Zeta Jones’ exercise regimen includes golfing which she says, "It's a great sport.” Actually golf can help her burn up to 1000 calories since each playing game entails several miles of walking for 4 to 5 hours. Whenever Catherine wants to lose weight and tone up, "I've got to drag myself to the gym," she says, "but when I finish it, I enjoy it." Furthermore, Catherine Zeta Jones’ exercise regimen is always mixed because she easily gets bored in doing monotonous exercises.

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