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Jan 2, 2011

Carmen Electra's Diet and Exercise Secrets

She looks sexy and fit wearing a bathing suit in Baywatch or a tight-fitting evening gown during red carpet events. Carmen Electra is among the sexiest women in Hollywood who became famous for gracing the cover of Playboy Magazine in 1996. Aside from modeling and acting, Carmen also dances for the Pussy Cat Dolls. She also had roles in movies like Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Date Movie, and Scary Movie. But whatever she wears, she always looks dazzling and sexy with her fit and well-trimmed physique. Fortunately, Carmen Electra shared her secrets in dieting and working out for other people to know and follow. Read more.
Carmen-Electra.jpgCarmen Electra’s diet is high in protein because this gives her a sense of being full. Furthermore, a high-protein diet is said to suppress her hunger and stops her from gaining weight. Hence, she loves to eat sushi, chicken, and vegetables and tries to eat low carbohydrates and low fat meals.
Carmen is famously known to be addicted to Cola and is able to consume 6 to 10 cans per day. She likewise drinks green tea plus ginseng herb tea to boost her energy. Carmen Electra’s diet used to be no carbohydrate rich foods but then she quit because she loves to eat pizza, rice cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and bread. So the no-carbohydrate diet didn’t work for her.
For Carmen Electra’s exercise routine, she does the conventional workout plus striptease dancing. Actually, Carmen produced an Aerobic Striptease series that teaches women how to do sensual dances while having fun and getting their body fit. Everyday, Carmen goes to the gym, doing sit-ups, dancing, and walking. Cardiovascular exercises are part of Carmen Electra’s exercise routine as she runs on the treadmill, uses the stairs master, and does strength training thrice a week. She likewise loves to mix fitness and dance techniques to strengthen and tone up her body especially her hips, thighs, bums and abs.

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