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Jan 2, 2011

Alicia Silverstone's Diet and Exercise Tips to Get Your Ideal Weight

Alicia Silverstone continues to be a famous actress and she likewise has starred in different films since she was a teen. She was first known in her clueless character, Cher plus a teen that starred on Beverly Hills teen. Yet with the fame and glamour she has, Alicia continues to follow a steadfast diet, the vegan diet, also known as the kind diet. She even wrote her first book, entitled The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet, which is about educating women about how to eat healthily.
Alicia Silverstone’s diet plan actually became famous both in Europe and America. The Kind diet is founded on a vegetarian or plant-based way of eating which is certainly challenging especially for meal and animal food lovers. The duration of the diet is three days which is said to help you lose up to 5 pounds.
Alicia-Silverstone.jpgAlicia Silverstone’s diet has been her means to keep healthy and fit for 10 years since she decided to go vegan for ethical reasons. She claims that the diet helps her achieve a fabulous figure plus helps her lose weight, strengthened her nails, and makes her skin appear more radiant. She never regret having decided to go vegan because she feels and looks great now more than what she was 10 years ago, “When I became a vegetarian, I had so much energy, and weight to normal,” she says.
Within the book, Alicia Silverstone’s diet was presented specifically her typical diet plan. At breakfast, she takes persimmon, a few collard greens, a cup of brown rice, plus a cup of miso soup. During lunch, she consumes ½ heirloom tomato, a cup of fresh spinach with avocado, with a bowel of lentil soup. At dinner time, she takes a bowel of lentil soup, ½ cup brown rice, beet salad, slice of whole-grain bread with pesto, and 2 peanut-butter cookies.
Regarding Alicia Silverstone’s exercise regimen, she claims not to adhere to any strict exercise regimen or fitness plan. She keeps herself fit by striving to become active everyday specifically having long walks, or go hiking with her dogs, or even gardening at home. Alicia Silverstone’s exercise regimen also includes doing yoga and trampolining which keeps her in great shape, “It’s great exercise and really makes you giggle”, she states.
Trampolining is an effective means of working out since it helps in strengthening your muscles, helps in boosting lymphatic circulation, maintains your oxygen levels normal, helps in digestion, keeps cholesterol levels low, and keeps your weight in the ideal range.

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