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Jan 2, 2011

Ali Larter's Diet and Exercise Tips Will Help You Stay In Shape

It’s difficult to be included in the list of Shape's Sexiest Bodies in America; however, Ali Larter was one of the famous celebrities to make it in the list. You may have seen her in the movies Resident Evil, Final Destination, and Varsity Blues. She also stars in the TV show Heroes. In March 2008, she was the front cover of the Shape Magazine and she shared some of her diet and exercise tips to keep in shape even after giving birth.
Actually, Ali Larter’s diet is founded on portion control. She doesn’t like following any kind of specific diet to control her weight. She likewise likes to balance out his diet and her active lifestyle. She loves to take in her favourite foods occasionally like steak, whine or sweets but keeps them in moderate amounts. Ali’s Larter’s diet is unpredictable, “One night, I splurge and have pasta and champagne and finish with a chocolate soufflé. The next, it’s a salad for dinner and frozen yogurt for dessert,” she states.
ali-larter.jpgFurthermore, Ali Larter’s diet also includes organic diet that she cooks. She prefers to cook from home rather than eating out to control the calories in the food she takes. She stays away from consuming foods high in carbohydrates like bread and pasta during the night as they can increase her weight quickly. Instead, she consumes green salads and fruits at night time. She likewise prefers to eat fresh organic fruits like mango rather than drinking sugar-rich juices and keeps herself well hydrated the entire day.
Additionally, working out plays a big role in Ali Larter’s exercise routine, “Working out has always been a part of my life. Now that I’m in my 30s, it’s become even more important for me to take care of myself”. Her sporty-figure is attributed to her love in playing sports like soccer, and football especially when she was younger. She makes sure that she gets to jog for about 25 minutes every night and never misses out jogging for 2 to 3 miles that is usually done on the starting part of her day. Ali Larter’s exercise routine is done 3 or 4 times a week. She likewise tries to change her route everyday which includes some mornings spent on the beachside or simply walking together with her dogs so she doesn’t get bored.
Just like any celebrity and super model, Ali Larter got her great shape through hard work and discipline. No wonder Ali continues to have a great figure even after giving birth.

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