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Jan 21, 2013

How To Seduce A Man Without Him Even Knowing It

If you are finding yourself attracted to a particular man but don’t know how to approach him, consider a few easy steps to seducing him – without him knowing. First off, as a man, I can tell you that even though we often think with our genitals, making us pretty dense. Sometimes, we just don’t see what’s put right in front of us. That’s because we men are wired for a challenge and the hunt. 

Therefore, it’s key to remember that men always like a challenge, except when its 1:30 am on a Sunday morning and “last call” just happened.

There are ways for you seduce the man of your dreams by doing three easy steps. I like to call this “anchoring.” When you place anchors out there and attach them to your man, sooner or later he will not be able to move until he addresses the anchor.

The anchor of scent: Men love a great scent on a beautiful woman – but not too much. A light scent requires you to get close enough to him for him to smell you. Your scent should not be overpowering, where it overtakes your presence but rather complements it. Next, you shouldn’t just bump into him or lean over him to get him to smell you. You will need to anchor your scent to something else – such as a humorous moment, a complement, or something positive. 

The anchor of taste: Get him to try a new food or a new taste that stimulates his taste buds. This will provide an anchor that he is forced to think about at least three times a day. It doesn’t matter what the taste is, as long as it’s not astringent. Meaning: forget giving him asparagus or lentils. Instead, give him something sweet or spicy, cool or hot. Think in extremes here. 

The anchor of site: Men love to visualize. Allow him to visualize your breasts or legs, or whatever attribute you would like. Men are visual creatures and will base their moves on what they see. If you would like to emphasis your breasts, which is my recommendation, you should wear a low profile shirt or something that might be tight fitting. Whatever it is you don’t, want to be too revealing. Instead, make sure that it’s just enough to entice him to come back for more.

With these three anchors themes, there are numerous things you can do and experiment. Remember, every man is different and has different tastes. But there are a few things that are common with all men. Men always love a challenge, they always love a great smile, and they always love a great pair of breasts.

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