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Jan 21, 2013

Faulty Breast Implants in Australia.

Are you willing to take the risk? Do not let this happen to you!

There are about 9,000 women in Australia who have been fooled by the faulty breast implants manufacturer PIP. All over the world about 300,000 women worldwide have proceeded with the costly cosmetic procedure believing they were receiving quality implants only to find that the implants are faulty.

The implants, manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese, were filled with industrial-grade silicone gel intended for mattresses and can rupture, exposing the silicone to body tissue.

Over previous years, the authorities of various countries have been raising concern over the usage of industrial silicone. Authorities had previously believed only implants produced after 2001 may have contained the low-grade silicon intended to be used in mattresses. But now they say they can not guarantee the safety of implants made before 2001.

As with every procedure, there are risks associated with breast enhancement surgery and the issue with PIP has been made public worldwide. Breast enhancement surgery, however, has always had side-effects and the most common ones, regardless of the make are:
  • a slight difference in size and shape between your breasts.
  • you may get an infection in your breast and if this is the case the implant will need to be removed to allow the infection to be properly treated.
  • abnormal scar tissue can form around the implant. This can squeeze the implant to make it round and firm. This is called capsular contracture and can be painful. You might need another operation to treat this.
  • your breast skin and nipple may feel more or less sensitive after breast enlargement. If you lose sensation after breast enlargement, it may be permanent.
  • sometimes scars can become red, thick and painful and may need more surgery.
  • implants can sometimes affect the skin on your breast and you may find your skin has ripples and creases.
  • implants can leak. This may be a slow seeping or a sudden split. If this happens, your implant may need to be taken out.
Breast enhancement surgery is far from being a simple procedure but does knowing the risks of proceeding with breast enhancement affect a woman’s decision in proceeding with such a procedure?

Woman should be aware that there are safer, yet still effective, alternatives to breast enhancement surgery.  Triactol is a breast serum that has been produced from natural ingredients to help increase the size of the breasts as well as the overall appearance.  Triactol can firm and lift the breast as well as reduce wrinkles and stretch marks around the breast to give the appearance of more youthful and tender breasts.

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