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Dec 11, 2012

Creams vs. Pills

Breast enlargement can be accomplished with an effective product that is clinically proven to work.  When a woman uses the appropriate means, she can experience rounder, perkier and larger breasts in a smaller amount of time.

Pills:  Tablets and capsules are less effective because the body tends to destroy most of the product within the stomach.  On average, only a mere 5% of the ingredients is actually absorbed.  This condition is known as trans-dermal delivery and is caused by acid pH levels.  Studies show that many customers experience a delay in results that can last several weeks.
Creams:  A cream-based product promotes quick absorption for maximum effectiveness.  A woman can begin to see breast lifting in days and cup size increase in as little as couple weeks.  It can also reduce stretch marks and wrinkles for a softer and more youthful breast. 
Pills:  Tablets are typically made with chemicals, artificial substances and preservatives.  Harsh ingredients lead to counterproductive reactions within the body and can potentially be detrimental to one's health.  Studies show that harmful pills can lead to reproductive problems and other serious medical conditions.
Creams:  A woman is able to avoid bad reactions when a product is safe and dermatologically tested.  An all-natural product that contains no synthetic hormones, artificial colorings, parabens or petroleum is the ideal choice.  An herb-based product with P. Mirifica, an Elixir of Youth that expands fat tissue and strengthens milk ducts, is also a wise selection. 
Pills:  Capsules often need to be taken several times a day.  As a result, a woman will need to remember to take them at regular intervals.  Individuals that lead busy lives find pills to be inconvenient and time consuming.  In addition, large capsules are uncomfortable to digest.
Creams:  With a non-greasy, non-messy serum application, a woman is able to apply the product quickly.  It can be used in the comfort of one's home and does not need to be consumed in public or on the run, as is the case with pills. 
Pills:  When tablets need to be ingested frequently throughout the day, the doses can become quite costly. 
Creams:  The body absorbs the cream more quickly so that its fast-acting attributes can enhance results.  A convenient supply that is affordable and delivered right to the customer's door is a better alternative.  It also keeps the transaction private so that other individuals do not see the customer purchasing it.
Pills:  Capsule products are less likely to offer a guarantee due to their ineffective nature.  When a manufacturer does not offer an assurance, a customer could end up losing their money on a product that does not work.
Creams:  A risk-free, 100% money back guarantee is the only way a customer can feel confident that the breast enlargement product will perform well.  Many cream and serum manufacturers stand behind every order by refunding a purchase when a customer is not satisfied.  
Breast enlargement is possible through the right medium.  A woman should choose a product that is safe and reliable. Triactol is our best recommendation.

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