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Dec 11, 2012

Creams vs. Bras

Creams can provide a woman with larger breasts and increased self-confidence.  In comparison, bras only offer a temporary, unviable solution that cannot make breasts smoother, firmer and bigger. 
Bras may seem like the logical answer to small, saggy breasts; however, it is actually an ineffective solution to breast enlargement.  The thickness of the pads and the uncomfortable underwire make breasts look unnatural.  In many instances, people are able to spot over padded bras and will assume that a woman is attempting to conceal undersized breasts.  In addition, bra pads and stuffing can fall out and cause a major embarrassment.
Creams do not require a woman to use special undergarments because the serum is absorbed directly through the skin for immediate action.  A fast-acting product can allow a woman to see a full cup size enlargement within a reasonable amount of time.
Bras that provide extra lift are often more expensive to purchase.  A woman will need to have a wide variety for intimate encounters.  According to statistics, the average woman owns more than six bras.  The cost of owning so many undergarments can mount into the hundreds of dollars.  In addition, bras can breakdown during the wash cycle over time, which requires a woman to purchase several replacements.
With creams and serums, a customer can avoid the costs of acquiring special undergarments that attempt to provide a false breast enlargement.  A cream is applied directly to the skin for quick results that are superior to those offered by a bra.  As a result, a woman is able to look better in their clothing without the use of expensive undergarments.
Although a bra may be able to lift the breasts in order to mimic the appearance of a larger size, it must be taken off at the end of the day, as well as during intimate encounters.  Having to live with the facade of a larger cup size can negatively affect a woman's overall self-confidence.  As a result, the onset of psychological issues, such as anxiety and depression, may occur.
Creams allow a woman to eliminate insecurities by providing them with breasts that can increase rapidly and effectively.  Many products can actually stimulate and expand the breast tissue so that a customer can experience the look and feel of youthful, firm breasts.  A better body image gives a woman the strength they need to be happy and satisfied with themselves.  In addition, intimate relationships are improved.
Health Risks
Many underwire bras pose health risks such as cancer, since the continual lifting of the breast tissue can lead to the formation of a tumor.  If a woman develops breast cancer, she would have to undergo extensive surgery, recovery times and chemotherapy.  According to CDC statistics, over 40,000 women died from breast cancer last year.  These types of undergarments end up being more of a problem than a solution.
On the other hand, creams can be risk-free and natural; many products are made without the use of chemicals, synthetic hormones or preservatives.  Breast enlargement is effective when a safe product is employed.  Using the right solution is important to having bigger, rounder breasts.  Accordingly, creams are more sensible and even more affordable than bras. Try Triactol and enjoy bigger firmer breasts without risking your health.

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