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Feb 17, 2012

Kim Kardashian Workout Butt Blasting Routine

Kardashian was featured on the cover of Shape Magazine. She
has an incredible body and her slim look can be attributed to her
fitness regimen and eating habits. 

Here is Kim Kardashian's workout. She's one of the most popular female celebrities out there and after her exposure with Ray-J and her constant struggles with Reggie Bush, is now seeing Miles Austin. This girl jumps around often, but one thing is clear- she is a hot commodity and every guy is trying to get with her. Kardashian is so hot because she is so fit and does a great butt blasting workout routine. She is always working out and this is what her routine is to keep her in such great shape, according to Shape Magazine.

Perform 3 sets of each of the following. Do this 3 days a week with one to two days rest in between each day.

Side Lunge Wood Chop6-15 Reps on one side, and then the other

Wide Squat w/ Medicine Ball
6-15 Reps

Core Rotations with a Medicine Ball6-15 Reps Each Side

Medicine Ball Push-Ups
6-10 Reps

Russian Twist with Medicine Ball
6-10 Reps Each Side

Skater's Lunge with Dumbbell Kickback
6-15 Reps per Side

Squat, Curl, and Shoulder Dumbbell Press Combination6-15 Reps

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gain muscle mass said...

This workout looks great, but it must be combined with the right diet.