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Jul 12, 2011

Weight Loss Workouts That Work

It’s no big surprise that successful weight loss requires regular physical activity, but many people just do a variety of exercises without a second thought to if they’re helping fulfill those fat loss goals. Weight loss workouts must include both cardio and resistance training.
workout in heels_weight loss workouts[Just because you dress for the gym and go to the gym, doesn't mean you're working out for weight loss.]
Keep reading to find out which weight loss workouts best fit your weight loss goals.

Beginner Weight Loss Workouts

When you first get on the path to healthy living, getting regular exercise is often the last piece to come together. Either we don’t perform the exercises correctly, or we don’t do the right exercises, or finally, we don’t perform enough exercises. Each of these mistakes can hinder weight loss efforts and possibly lead to injury.
Weight loss workouts that work are performed properly for maximum effect, and this is especially true for beginners. Beginner weight loss workouts should take into account the much needed calorie deficit required for successful fat loss. The cardio you choose to perform must help you create a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose a healthy (if paltry) 1 pound per week. Strength training weight loss workouts are necessary to help sculpt that excess fat (and skin) into a body worth showing off.
Useful weight loss cardio workouts for beginners are: walking, tennis/racquetball, or swimming.
Not feeling quite ready for the gym yet? Get your circuit training right at home!

Intermediate Weight Loss Workouts

Those of you who already get a little exercise here and there know how important and effective regular exercise is to weight loss. The problem however, is finding weight loss workouts that hold your interest long enough to complete them, right?
The good news is that there are other ways to lose weight that don’t including gawking at yourself in the mirror for 45 minutes straight. You already know that working out is essential to weight loss, and interval training is a great way to perform weight loss workouts without the boredom! Interval training is a pretty intense form of exercise, but you only slow down enough to catch your breath so the chances of you stopping due to boredom? Nil!
Intermediate weight loss workouts should also provide greater focus on strength training exercises. Because you (sort of) have a handle on regular exercise, it’s important that you don’t neglect toning your muscles on a regular basis. Weight loss workouts that don’t include resistance training will result is a smaller frame with loads of extra flesh, and that’s not why we’re doing all this work…is it?
yoga_weight loss workouts[Yoga is an extra special weight loss workout. You can relax and de-stress while you tone muscles you didn't know you had!]
If you’re one of those people who needs to do it all in one day just to make sure you get your weight loss workout completed, try this full body circuit workout!

Advanced Weight Loss Workouts

When you begin to feel more comfortable in your workout skin, you can start to focus more on so-called problem areas and challenge yourself. Advanced weight loss workouts should be more intense to help you shed those last few pesky pounds, or tighten that remaining flab under the arms.
big+belly+homer+simpson_weight+loss+workouts[When your belly is the last place you need to lose, turn to advanced ab workouts like swimming.]
It doesn’t take long for muscles to adapt to a certain workout regimen, which is why it’s so important to keep your muscles guessing during weight loss workouts. Instead of relying on the same old workout equipment to achieve your goals, try something different to tone those biceps or tighten thigh muscles.
If you’re close to reaching your weight loss goal then focus your advanced weight loss workouts on targeted muscle groups for greater definition. Divide your workouts into upper body workouts and everything else, or cardio one day then strength training the next. Experiment with alternative exercises so you’ll always be in the mood for exercise. The most difficult aspect of weight loss workouts is continuing to exercise once the weight has been lost.

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M. Waheed Iqbal said...

Weight loss need a carefully designed plan to be followed. Beginner should stick with light exercises and then as the time goes move towards heavy and advanced exercises. This will do the best and results will be long term.
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