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Jul 12, 2011

How to Build the Most Attractive Male Body Shape?

Well let’s first start with comparing different shapes and deciding on what body shape is the most attractive one.

My Trainer Said that I Have to Get Bigger to Have More Sex

Everybody knows that women aren’t really attracted to skinny type of guys. But did you know that big bulky guys aren’t the sex magnet either?
That’s something huh?
According to recent UCLA study conducted by David Frederick, Ph.D. women prefer masculine and lean men over big bulky guys. Said in different way: Muscle definition matters more than muscle mass.
Elizabeth Mathis_How to Build the Most Attractive Male Body Shape[You want her? Well, she wants her man lean and ripped, not oozing with muscles.]
Guys always think that just because certain amount of muscles is attractive, more muscles must be even more attractive, right? It would make sense. However, the reality is different.
This is why I think that taking steroids is a dumb decision. Not because it’s illegal, but because you will NOT become more attractive, quite the opposite. Researcher David Frederick said that the reason why are women more attracted to masculine and lean guys is because they feel intimidated by the big bulky dudes.

What Does the Attractive Body Shape Look Like?

Obviously spending hours a day, taking steroids and eating thousands of calories just for the sake of being bigger is not an answer.
Step one is to get lean. We all have six-pack abs and if you can’t see yours it’s just because you are just too fat. It’s been said that the best % of body fat for women is around 10%, however for men it’s around 5%, so go for cut down now!
Step two is to start working out and focusing on muscle gain. Well, I guess that is what you have been doing for a while, so that is nothing new to you, is it?
What might be new for you is the way you need to structure your workout. You see, not every shape you build is attractive.
And because your goal is to be more attractive to the opposite sex (and don’t tell it isn’t your goal you liar :D ) you have to work out in a very specific way.

Now pay close attention to this.

black fitness model_build the most attractive male body shape[Get rid of the excess fat and work your body so it's the body SHE (see above) wants!]
The most attractive shape is the shape that is shoulders, back and chest dominant. I will say it one more time. The most attractive shape is the shape that is shoulder, back and chest dominant. Yeas, shoulder and back are the most important muscle groups, not your bicep or forearm like every dude in the gym thinks.

Shoulders, Back and chest muscles

Shoulders are what make you look dominant and alpha. Shoulders are what make your biceps visible in the short sleeve shirt. Every suit is made with shoulders slightly bigger than usual.
Back is what brings your chest front. Back is what gives your posture calm, strong, dominant and confident look.
The third place belongs to chest muscle(s). This is important; you should not focus on chest at first. It belongs to the third place by all rights.
Chest is what everybody sees when you have your shirt on and even shirt off. Chest is what girls want to touch.
HOWEVER, if you don’t focus on shoulders and back at first then every work you do on your chest is lost! You just won’t look attractive.
Women consciously love a masculine chest, but on a subconscious level shoulders and back muscles are what make you look masculine and attractive.
Don’t focus on muscles that you see in the mirror like your bicep, do the contrary – train the muscles you don’t see in the mirror and that subconsciously triggers the “I want to have sex with him right now” response and what consciously makes you look more masculine. Yes, these are your back and shoulders.
I call this concept and order of muscles the Muscle Pyramid.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say train only these three muscle groups. NO, that’s not what I meant. What I want you to remember is that you should FOCUS on these three muscle groups and in THIS ORDER.
You aim for symmetry with your body, but symmetry in this case doesn’t mean you train all your muscles the same time, I know it’s sound counterintuitive, but we are so blind due to all the adverts and marketing, that we no longer no what is best for us.
Do what other guys do and you will get the results they have.
Do what successful guys do and you will become successful like them.
Look at models, actors and others you like who are in good shape, look closely at their posture especially shoulders and back, you will find out that they all probably train in the way I just described.
Big bulky bodybuilders are not the ones who get the girls, masculine and lean models who train in order of Muscle Pyramid are.

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