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May 20, 2011

Cross Training for the Summer

With the approach of warmer weather, I am often asked what the "BEST" exercise is to obtain results and prepare for the "bathing suit season". The answer is simple. There is NO best exercise. Employing a variety of exercises and activities is your best bet. 
Having a variety helps stimulate your body and mind. Mentally, having a variety keeps you from having the "boring" same old, same old routine. Physically, variety employs various stresses (yes exercise is stress) on your body. These stresses placed on the body create improvement through adaptation. 
When your body has to adapt, the more energy is required for that adaptation during the repair process. Once repaired you increase your lean muscle tissue. This translates into using more calories during adaptation, more calories at rest (called your Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR) and an improvement in activity and performance. 

Each Program should incorporate as many of the below items as possible.

  • Strength and Muscular Endurance Training Benefits
  • Improve Joint Stability
  • Improve quality and quantity of muscle fibers.
  • Capacity to perform work or activities for a longer period of time. 
  • Cardiovascular Training Benefits
  • Utilization of Carbohydrates
  • Mobilization of Stored Fat
  • Being Heart Healthy (The heart is a muscle too)
  • Lower Risk of Injury
  • Relax and Tension release
  • Better performance in activities
  • Increased Blood supply and nutrients
  • Change the exercises you do in your strength routine.
  • Take up a sport or activity
  • Change the type of cardiovascular training you do.

Try intervals, or a new class.

Always work on flexibility after activity when your body is warm. Make sure you rest. Your body repairs and adapts during your resting phase. MORE isn't BETTER, but some is better than none!!!!

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