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Apr 10, 2011

Self Motivation Tips

How do you get yourself motivated? The answer could be different for each of us - motivational videos for some, inspirational words and sayings for others, motivational stories and self motivation MP3s for yet others.
But there are a few common self motivation tips that we all can use, to keep us on track of our goals, and help us get there as quickly as we can.

Check out the following self motivation tips that work:

1. Set Goals:
The first and foremost of these self motivation tips is, of course, to have goals or dreams that we are actually working towards, or working on. There should be something to make us get up and get out of the bed in the morning, right?
set goals self motivation tipsIt is important to identify realistic and attainable goals that really inspire us, and get us moving.What kind of goals?
These can be business, work, school or personal goals - short term or long term goals - it is something that you like, that you are working for right now, or planning to work on in near future.
Setting Goals Can Help You In Finding Happiness

2. Breathe Life Into Them:
Equally important is it to verbalize them (say them out loud enough for you to hear), talk about them with family or close friends or associates, and write them
down (and stick it where you can see everyday).
In other words, breathe life into your goals, and make them as real as they can be, to you.

3. Prioritize:
If you have multiple goals, don't be overwhelmed. Can you pursue them together? You can have a business goal of making so many sales in the next six months, and an independent personal goal of finishing landscaping your yard this summer.
On the other hand, if multiple goals demand your full attention, don't try to get them all done at once. Instead decide which one is your most important objective at the moment, prioritize, and put your focus on just one of those at a time.
Prioritizing is one of the commonly prescribed stress tips

clock no hands - self motivation tips no procrastination4. Get It Done Now:
Avoid procrastinating the tasks that you need to do, to achieve you what you want to achieve. Simply put - it is better done today, than tomorrow.
Why? Again, to put it simply - because once you are done with a certain task, you don't have to do it tomorrow anymore!
Tomorrow can be focused on something else, and that makes you that much closer to your goal.

What if what you are working on is not something you necessarily enjoy, but have to get it done anyway? Realize that procrastination still doesn't help. Because, the sooner you work on getting it done, the sooner you are done with it. There is no way out here.
Keep this in perspective, however. Don't procrastinate doesn't mean don't take a break! Don't procrastinate beginning your task, or keep moving with your task; but, by all means take a break as necessary. A little break every now and then, away from your work, is essential to keep your motivation levels right.
Enjoy a Positive Thought for the Day!

5. You Deserve a Reward:
picnic outing - inspirational motivational thoughtsReward yourself on each significant step you take towards attaining your objectives.If your goal or dream is really long term, divide it into plenty of short term goals, which are easier to track. And reward yourself every time you successfully complete your mini-goal.
What kind of reward?
Well, little nothings here and there, a movie, a dinner, an outing, your favorite piece of cake, whatever it is that you really enjoy. No need to go all out here.

6. Visualize:
What about the times when you are bound to be a bit let down? We all do, every now and then, don't we?
Visualize your "end product", spend a second imagining realizing your goal, whatever it is that you are working for, now. Make it real in your mind. Enjoy the feeling. Savor it. You will know that you need to keep doing what you are doing now, to get there soon enough.
girl looking ahead visualize - free motivational quotes
If this is one of those things you just need to get done, you can still use the visualizing technique in that circumstance too. What would happen if you don't do it? Spend a second on the worst case scenario, and that might help get you on feet as well.

7. Mistakes Happen:
If you hit a stumbling block? It's part of the design. You will make mistakes along the way. Be patient, and work your way around it. Learning from mistakes and moving forward is how we end up gaining self confidence. Remember this: the more the mistakes, chances are, the closer you are to the success you want.

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