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Apr 10, 2011

Hidden Conditions That Can Cause or Trigger Weight Gain

Often times we have mentioned that there are certain hidden medical conditions that can contribute to weight gain.  Here are just a few of the most common triggers:

 Thyroid Imbalance - Slow down in metabolism contributes to weight gain.  Symptoms include: fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, memory loss, decrease in sex-drive, muscle cramps and aches, unable to tolerate cold, constipation, irritability, depression, pale complexion.
 Allergies - Symptoms include bloating, water retention, sneezing, breathing difficulties, rashes, aching joints and headaches.
 Hormone Imbalance - Symptoms include mood swings, tenderness in the breast, periods off schedule, heavy bleeding during menstruation, fluid retention, migraines.
 Pregnancy - Weight gain is a perfectly natural and normal response to pregnancy.
 Bloating - When the body consumes too much salt (i.e. sodium) bloating may occur due to water retention which will show up as a temporary weight gain.
 Digestive Issues - When the digestive system is out of whack, the digestive process in turn, slow.  Symptoms include belching, bloating, tummy noises, acid reflux.
 Diabetes - Look for these symptoms of Diabetes Type II: excessive thirst, excessive urination (particularly at night), fatigue - at times extreme, intense hunger, vision problems (when eyes are effected), weight gain, weight loss, sores that fail to heal properly OR are slow in healing.

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