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Apr 17, 2011

The 80/20 Principle Guide To Fast, Lasting Fat Loss

You know what the 80/20 principle is right? It has been more talked about than “Rick-rolling” recently, but if you don’t, this is exactly what it is.
80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your work.
So when it comes to getting in shape and losing body fat, 80 percent of
the fat loss comes from 20 percent of the work. This basically states that when it comes to fat loss, there is a huge amount of fluff. Fluff that just takes up time and achieves nothing.
Consider a the gym goer who takes 2 minute breaks between lifting those weights, just because he read on a website that you have to take 2 minute breaks if you want big muscles. Think about the teenage girls who blow bubbles with gum, read magazines and watch TV while walking on the treadmill, but the odd time they go to the gym
by themselves, they actually get in a good workout.Too many people who complain about not getting any results are either not doing enough (the teenage girls example), or trying to concentrate too much on things that don’t really help (the guy waiting in the gym for ages between his workouts).
Here are the things that you SHOULD be doing if you want to lose fat:
  • Intense cardio with no breaks for at least half an hour, 3x weekly.
  • Lifting weights fast and furiously for half an hour 2x a week. Exercises such as dead lifts, squats, bench press and clean and press are the 20% of exercises that will give you the 80% results of fat loss. No machines – all free weights.
  • Have a big breakfast and keep your eating clean i.e. No sugary crap like cookies, cakes, fudges, sodas, white bread, baked goods…. You know the stuff.
  • Eat mostly vegetables, lean meats, fruits, whole grain bread, brown rice, eggs and tuna, plus try and include a serving of protein at every meal.
  • Get a solid 8 hours sleep
Everything else is extra for experts. And until you have been following these rules week in, week out for at least 6 months, you are not an expert.
Trust me it is so frustrating to hear people asking things like:
“What percent of my 1RM should I be doing on normal days?”
“How many seconds should I be raising, holding and lowering the weight on bench press?”
“What ratio of minutes slow paced cardio to HIIT should my cardio workouts be?”
All of the answers to these questions are different for different goals, but the results they will yield are so tiny
they are insignificant to a beginner. It is like an aspiring guitarist asking on their first lesson ever:
“Does Van Halen use pick tapping in the Beat It solo, or is he double finger tapping?”
The faster that you can learn to ignore the superfluous details and just get back to basics, the better. I would go as far to say that if you religiously follow the list of 5 simple steps above, for at least 6 months, you will be better off than 95% of any gym goers at any gym.
Sometimes a friend will ask me some ridiculous question about time spent doing a certain exercise,
how many sets per exercise or an insignificant diet question and my reply is always the same:
“Eat clean and work like a dog in the gym and you’ll get there”.
So next time you have the urge to ask:
“Are hack squats more of a quad definer than a mass builder?”………
Slap yourself.
Get back to basics and only focus on the basics and you will lose fat faster than any other scheme
out there, purely because it is simple, easy to stick with and you are just getting on with your workouts.

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