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Apr 17, 2011

56 Plus Reasons Not To Exercise

IIt is about all the excuses that we make not to exercise.
As well as  I thought I would list them just in case you didn’t catch them, as the person citing them does do it rather quickly.
Can you see yours in there?
 1. I’m too weak

2. I’m to slow
3. I’m to big
4. I ate too much from breakfast
5. It’s raining
6. My dog is sick
7. I can’t right now
8. A lot of spiders
9. It makes me smell bad
10. I’m allergic to stuff
11. I am fat
12. I’m thin
13. It’s too hot
14. I’m not right
15. I’ve got chin splits
16. I’ve got a headache
17. I’m to distracted
18. I’m exerting myself too much
19. I would really love to but I can’t
20. My favourite show is on
21. I just can’t
22. I have got a case of the Mondays
23. I have got a case of Tuesday’s
24. I have got a case of the Wednesdays
25. I don’t want to do this
26. I want to do something else instead
27. I might make a mistake
28. Next week
29. I have gas
30. I feel bloated
31. I got a hot date
32. My coach hates me
33. My mum won’t let me
34. I bruise easily
35. It’s too dark
36. It’s to cold
37. I’m old
38. My blister hurts
39. This is dangerous
40. I’m sorry I don’t have a bike
41. I didn’t get enough sleep
42. My stomach hurts
43. It’s not in my genes
44. I don’t want to look all tired out
45. I need a better coach
46. I don’t need to get a stomach ache
47. I don’t like getting tackled
48. I’m not the athletic type
49. I don’t want to get sweaty
50. I don’t like getting tackled
51. I have better things to do
52. I wouldn’t want to slow you down
53. As soon as I get a promotion
54. Do I have to do this
55. I think I will sit this one out
56. And my feet hurt
Here are some more I can think off the top of my head.
57. I will do it tomorrow
58. I’m washing my hair
59. I’m going to have a bath
60. I am too busy
61. I don’t have time
62. I haven’t had anything to eat yet
63. I need to tidy up
64. I can’t be bothered
65. I won’t be able to do it
66. It will hurt too much
67. I just need to take this phone call
68. It’s too late
69. I need to wash the car
70. I don’t have the right equipment
I’m sure there are many many more, the person in the video says just do it you know it makes sense.

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